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    My sexy DB's.. (Even if I do say so myself..)

    Just one more point if you don`t mind. Why use cable ties in the DB all that room in there so why bunch the cables up? :)
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    what's it called?

    Have not seen one for years probaly called a bayonet cap adaptor. Years ago they used to be fitted to irons which the lady of the house would plug into the light fittings lampholder in order to do the ironing. I suspect these are obsolete now and that your friends flourescent fitting is...
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    Identifying crimped connectors

    Obviously :roll: :roll:
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    Identifying crimped connectors

    These crimp connectors (butt stylee) have primarily been used in the automotive industry. Three sizes are available for cable conductor size of 0.5-1.5mm2 (Red), 1.5-2.5mm2 (Blue) and 3.0-6.0mm2 (Yellow). Sometimes the stranded measurement is given, but I won't bore you with them... Amperage...
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    No wiring necessary!

    The ceiling rose must be wired in as normal and the switch can be anywhere because it is a remote control. Thats how i see it others may disagree.
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    Painting wooden stair

    I am planning to paint my wooden stairs and wondering which paint to use for the job. I am hoping I can use a water based paint with a low odor. I have done a search of the forum and it appears to be a choice between polyurethane or acrylic paint. Any reccomendations would be appreciatesd...
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    Confused max demand and diversify

    Have a look here and hopefully this will answer your question :) [/url]
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    Photos, wago conenctors, galv boxs and more!

    Are Junction boxes supposed to have fixed connectors?
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    hotpoint aquarius wf100 flashing prewash lights

    There appears to be quite few posts about this problem a quick search may reveal more. Here is a link where you should be able to download a manual/handbook for your machine credit for this link to fellow member diyisfun
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    hotpoint aquarius wf100 flashing prewash lights

    My handbook for a hotpoint wt540 Aquarius states that a flashing prewash light means " the machine has failed to take in water" Hope that helps :)
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    How fast do you work?

    remove switch taking with it a section of wallpaper because you forgot to score round it. Screw shears of in box and lug falls out,cables fall out of switch because its been there 20 years and under load the cables have loosened, find neutrals and cpc`s are in connectors in back of box...
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    Earthing an aerial socket

    If you take a look at a metal aerial socket you will see that the actual aerial connection and socket is insulated from the metal face plate. the metal face plate will have an earth terminal which should be used in my opinion. Further to this regardless as to whether or not the aerial...
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    Earthing an aerial socket

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    Earth spike

    In my experience it is rare that one earth rod is enough and i always allow for two. If you buy the correct joining pieces and driving bolt you will not get a burred end thus enabling further rods to be installed should the subsequent tests reveal the need dcw
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    HELP! - Really big problem with HUGE bill!!!!

    Not really relevant to the subject of this thread but looking at the photo the installation looks a bit of a mess you need some blanks in those boards. What is he function of the second top db with two mcb`s in it ? You have a couple of spare ways in the bottom board have you had some circuits...
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    HELP! - Really big problem with HUGE bill!!!!

    my supply trips out when there are high winds maybe two or three times a day however last time the supply was going off and on like a yo-yo. I rang E.on they told me it was down to the supplier of the electricity not themselves. E.on presumably consider themselves re-sellers :roll: What a...
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    HELP! - Really big problem with HUGE bill!!!!

    Hi Did you just have one circuit tripping out or the whole house trips out? I suggest that you take readings of your meter over a 24hr period for instance at 8am then at the same time 24hrs later ring your supplier and ask to speak to a supervisor sometimes you can get more sense from them...
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    17th edition multitestester recommendations?

    Hi all, Time has come for me to update my test equipment and I am looking at getting an all in one tester and wonder if anyone has any recommendations? I understand that some of these testers also have a R1+R2 function and would like to know how this measurement is achieved? Cheers :)