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    Software for running small construction business

    Unless you are looking for a bespoke system (which would be very costly), I would suggest getting the basics and working from there. The suggestions below are based on what many small businesses use. Accounting - most accountants are happy with Quick Books or Sage. Staff, suppliers, admin -...
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    You can export the passwords to a file and then import them into Firefox or Google Chrome. From Apple's website: 1) In the Safari app on your Mac, choose File > Export > Passwords. 2) Click Export Passwords. WARNING: Your passwords are exported to a CSV file. The CSV file is not encrypted and...
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    Length of waste pipe in soil pipe boss

    In the end I chamfered the end of the waste pipe and measured it to protrude a few millimetre into the stack. Thanks for your help.
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    Length of waste pipe in soil pipe boss

    The boss is for a 32mm, 40mm or 50mm pipe. The boss reduces this to 40mm. However the hole in the boss allows a 50mm pipe through it. It is a standard FlowPlast 110mm strap boss, using a 40mm rubber snug. The snug will allow the pipe all the way through, as will the boss.
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    Length of waste pipe in soil pipe boss

    Hi those in the know! This may be a stupid question, but when putting a waste pipe (e.g. 32mm, 40mm) into a boss connector with snug, how much should protrude into the soil stack, and should the end be finished in some way?
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    Tap quality

    Thanks for the reply. I always look B&Q and Screwfix (part of Kingfisher Group) as they do seem to stock a variation of product lines. All the products seem to have brand names - just brands I don't recognise. What is the issue with Victoria Plum & Plumbing?
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    Why is all searches showing me U S dollars?

    Are you using a VPN?
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    Tap quality

    Hello... I need to get a new bath mixer, and high-rise mixer for a basin. I have been looking online (e.g. B&Q/Screwfix, Victoria Plum) and found a wide range of products from a number of brands (e.g. Nuie, Etal) that mean little to me. I am wondering if anyone has any useful opinions on these...
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    Print said it has no ink

    Printer cartridges have a chip on them which interfaces with the printer. If either interface is damaged, you can get this problem. Replacing the cartridge is generally way to test this - the faulty cartridge can then be returned. The problem with this is that if the problem persists with a...