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    I need to keep water trickling, but I'm on a cesspool

    You could try running a trace heating systen around your pipes although you would have to find out if you would be allowed.
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    Help investigating lounge leak, rain coming down soil stack?

    Looks good :D Hope you get no leeks for many years to come.
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    Help investigating lounge leak, rain coming down soil stack?

    Looking at the photo the white pipe has been cut to short. Make shore that the white pipe goses all the way into the new rubber otherwise it could work out again. Also the strap boss should have been glued to the stack not the strap going around the pipe just the boss part. Treerat RGS...
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    Help investigating lounge leak, rain coming down soil stack?

    The mushroom tile looks ok but somtimes they crackalowing water in they are useualy only plastik, that said if you have no water on the skack pipi in the loft it cannot be rain water coming down the pipi. Unless rain water can get in from some were els you will have to consider that you have a...
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    Help investigating lounge leak, rain coming down soil stack?

    Looking at the top of the stack pipe the black flexy pipe should let the water drip off it befor it reached the gray pipe. Wrap toilet paper round the gray pipe in the loft if it is wet after some rain then you will no if it is runing down the pipe Also check the. Condition of the wethering...
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    Design of home made shower pan

    It greatly depends on what you are going to make the shower pan out of. Example- A pece of 3/4"ply with tiles stuck to it would flex no matter much timber you put under it causing the grout to crack and let water through the result being a bigger cost layout than if you had put a proper shower...
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    soil stack question

    It would be best to put a new stack in outside the house that would go streat up witb an air admitance valve on the top under the soffit Any bends in the stack the way you have sagested to do it is not the don thing. They would have to be long radius bends with access for cleaning as solids...
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    Connection from kitchen sink to mains sewer - advice on plan

    Not to upset anyone but the green run of pipe should be in 110mm soil pipe as the water regs state that any service entering a man hole should have accsess for cleaning and alowing foul or gray water to splash down is also not permitted. If this manhole excepts water from other propertys the...
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    kitchen waste advice

    Anti syphon traps work in the same way as air admitance valves and 4m is a long run for 40mm wast plpe. You could increase the sise of pipe in the seller to 50mm or put an anti syphon trap under the sink if you can get one. The other option is to fit a 40mm air admitance valv in the seller...
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    best way to fix cladding

    Any nail gun will do the job regardles of how it is powered (gass or compresed air) provided you can get galvanised nailes for it. They come in 2 types : Finish nailer fires nailes at 90º to the work surface the nailes tend to be thiner 16 to 18 gage. as they are desined not to split the...
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    white gloss-not quite so white!

    If the paint around the window is getting on a bit it will have dulled in brightness esecially if it is an oil baced paint (gone cream colour or even light yellow). Water baced acrilic gloss paint will stay white and dry quickly. The old paint should be well sanded first witch will show if...