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    Decking without digging / alternatives / plastic?

    I would have the new decking level raised up from the old deck, aslong as it is not going to obstruct doors etc., bolt a ledger plate on to the house and leave a 10 - 15mm gap for water drainage etc. Also, consider the drop to allow water to flow away from the house. I had a similar issue...
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    This look ok? Decking base.

    LOL...sorry for the lack of info. It is a decking base mate. :lol: Title edited also. :lol:
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    This look ok? Decking base.

    This can be deleted the answer i was looking for!
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    Conservatory Roof - Revamp advice

    Yeah I will buddy! Thanks!!! :D
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    Stop/Start Technology

    I know BMW have a button to switch it off. It also has a managment system that consistantly monitors the battery and if it is too low it will not use the Start/Stop. Personally, I dont like it - When these cars get on in years what sorta issues is going to raise its head with starter motors etc.
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    Conservatory Roof - Revamp advice

    Our conservaorty at the back of the house needs a new roof. It was added to the building (obviously) and covers an exisiting window. Now the last ower, who claims to be in property maintenance, has built the conservatory so that the roof line intercepts the window approx 3/4 of the window...
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    this one mate, I just bought one of these a few months ago and it is brilliant
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    These ok for external use..Zinc & Yellow-Passivated?

    got myself a wee impact driver a few weeks ago so should do the trick. Cheer buddy!
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    Wooden work tops cupping

    [/url] Oh I can get hundreds of that!!!..cheers bud!
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    These ok for external use..Zinc & Yellow-Passivated?

    [/url] They more suitable for fixing inner joists?
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    Wooden work tops cupping

    Thanks for your replies gents....I think I may have cracked it. I have a dishwasher in the next unit along from the worktop so it is not directly underneath it and appears to be sealed. However, I traced the drain and found an open end directly underneath the pipework, facing upwards to wards...
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    These ok for external use..Zinc & Yellow-Passivated?

    Yeah I use them for the boards mate, but I am looking at screws for the sub frame.
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    These ok for external use..Zinc & Yellow-Passivated?

    As above, I plant to use these for my decking subframe. Thanks Alan :D
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    What does the left side of a car mean in the UK?

    I get confused by this aswell, but I am sure it is the 'nearside'.
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    Building a dorma

    Is it defo asbestos? If you suspect it is, get it tested and removed, get it out your way for your safety or anyone else that may be working in there. I see you are in Glasgow...I have a number of a guy that I used and he was pretty good and cheap to have asbestos sheets removed from my garden.
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    Wooden work tops cupping

    it is not that bad tbh..just I know it is there. It is not secured at all...the guy who had the house prior to me has not used anything..should it be secured with screws or special brackets etc?
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    Wooden work tops cupping

    I have wooden worktops and one section is cupping slightly and wondered if a solution exisits to fix this problem? What I thought of was to soak the under side of the worktop using a handheld steamer and then leaving an old slab on the top surface to put a bit of pressure on the edge that...
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    Liberon Decking Oil

    I have used this also, as stated about sometime a thick coat can take a few days to dry. Unfortunately I put some trust in the british weather forecast and it rained when they said it wasnt. It is not too bad, mainly in the grooves of the boards so not noticable. This product was recommended...
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    Green Tomatoes - Failing to ripen

    Bananas? in the grow bag or what, skin on or peeled? Just so i can tell me old dear.
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    Need to buy A fosroc LV injection kit

    [/url] Thanks for the link, tried them today and they want £400 for the kit OUCH!