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    Replace Kitchen Sink Waste with Basket Strainer Waste

    Hi all, As the subject suggests, I would like to replace my kitchen sink waste with a basket strainer waste to try and prevent bits of food going down the plughole and I am looking for some advice from those in the know as to whether this would be possible please. I have taken a couple of...
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    German "europlug?" wired for UK use? expert help n

    Yes I tried it, and it worked perfectly :) Thanks for the help! The wiring up to a UK plug, assuming there was no earth, worked correctly... and very nicely indeed :P ______________________ moderator post now locked to prevent hi-jacking
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    German "europlug?" wired for UK use? expert help n

    Hey, I have a couple of power supplies for old computers (Commodore 64) they are power blocks, and have what I believe are "europlugs" on the end of each. They are two round pins, which I believe from reading on this site is live and neutral, with no earth. Could these be safely wired...