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    Baxi 18He no water flow.

    Hi. I have a fault on my baxi 18He. Flashing lights indicating no water flow. I have water in my header tank in loft and I'm moving on to bleeding the system as best I can. I removed the pump and the shaft spins freely. When I turn the system back on the pump (grundfos alpha2l) lights up goes...
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    Glowworm micron 50ff ignition lockout

    i fitted a new pcb about 3 months ago, ive had a look at it and there is a white residue at the base of a blue block behind the control knob, ive rubbed this off and the track seems to be in one piece
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    Glowworm micron 50ff ignition lockout

    My micron 50 ff, has 3 attempts at lighting, it appears to light and goes off does this 3 times then the reset light stays on perm and the burner light flashes fast, im led to belive that this code means ignition lockout but how do i fix this fault?????