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    Hissing noise from pipes but no leak?!?

    It is worth checking your insurance. I had a leak in my mains pipe on my property and it was covered. Funnily enough that happened just when I was due to be moving.
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    Patio slabs / blocks directly onto old concrete

    Have a look at it IS the answer to all these kind of questions. I am doing a similar thing myself. I am going for 10:1 mix sharp sand to cement. Dry mix, the natural moisture in the sand /atmosphere is enough to set it. I am doing 20mm deep over the...
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    Insulating garage cieling/ bedroom floor

    Ok thanks for the suggestion, I will investigate.
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    Insulating garage cieling/ bedroom floor

    I have a bedroom over a garage. The garage cieling is asbestos sheets nailed to the joists of the floor above. I need to insulate the space between this cieling and the wooden floor (carpet on floorboards) of the bedroom above. What would be the best solution for this please? Also...
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    Get a dehumidifier. I lived in a flat (1000 years ago now) and every room had massive condensation. It used to run off the windows and make puddles on he carpets. All the walls were stained with blackness. Dehumidifiers were practically unknown in those days and it cost a fortune...