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    Wallpaper over paint?

    Walls were plastered at the beginning of October. I think the plasterer said it would only be a couple of mm thick. Not sure exactly when it all went pink. It had well over a week or more to dry before we applied the primer emulsion. Does this make a different to being able to wallpaper over the...
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    Wallpaper over paint?

    We had walls in our hallway reskimmed then primed them with a watered-down white emulsion with the intention of painting them. However, we have changed our mind and would like to wallpaper. Can we just wallpaper over the primed walls? Do they need some other sort of preparation before the...
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    Is it good enough?

    We have just had our hallway walls reskimmed. However I am not sure about the quality of the work done. How perfect/smooth should reskimmed walls be? The finished job looks quite rough in places and there are small dents here and there which will probably need polyfilling before I would want to...
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    Query regarding safe zones

    Been reading a lot of the forum regarding burying cables in walls and 'safe zones'. Can't find anything specfically talking about doorways (but there are so many posts I may have missed it). How far should a concealed cable be from a doorframe? Is it the same as a corner?
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    Reappearing Cracks

    In both the bathroom and kitchen walls we have 1-2mm cracks that start from the corners of the windows. They are not visible in the mornings but appear in the afternoon when the sun is on that side of the house. We have attempted to fill them many times but they quickly reappear. We have a...
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    Plaster over hardboard?

    Can you plaster over hardboard (the glossy side)? If so, should the hardboard be primed in any way?
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    What is the best fencing?

    We live in a semi-detached house and want to put in a fence and gate to the side the house. The area down the side of the house (approx 2.5m wide) is a wind tunnel and we are not sure which is the best / strongest type of fencing to use. Obviously we don't want to put something up that will be...
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    Leaving the heating on

    Does leaving my gas central heating (worcester combi boiler) on low all day use the same amount of gas as having it on high for just the evening? I suppose this could apply to any appliance - less for longer or more for shorter? Or are they the same? I dont' want to be burning more fuel than...
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    Noise from Radiator

    This is the article I had already read which just tells you how to, not why or what happens if you don't balance the radiators. Would sludge or dirt in the radiator be a cause of the clicking? Not sure whether it is of note that the clicking seems to come from the side of the radiator where the...
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    Noise from Radiator

    One radiator in the house (which I believe may be the furthest from the boiler) makes a loud clicking sound. The noise is not just when the heating comes on / goes off. Every few minutes (last timed at 8 and 3 minute intervals - when the pressure is at its uppermost and lowermost in its cycle)...
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    Clicking Radiator

    The noise is not just when the heating comes on / goes off. Every few minutes (last timed at 8 and 3 minute intervals - when the pressure is at its uppermost and lowermost in its cycle) the one radiator loudly "clicks" (noise similar to the pipework warming up / expanding). I read recently (a...
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    Condensation in Attic

    We have a lot of drips of water in the attic on the felt underside of the roof, but we have noticed it become damp in the loft since the summer ended. It is a 50's semi, has a vent brick and new insulation has a gap of a foot or so at the either side in the eves. How do we stop this...
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    Mould in the Attic

    Over the summer we laid some new insulation over the old in our attic. We also boarded part of the attic floor. Recently we've noticed mould on a few items stored in the attic. It's a semi detached house and the attic does have one of those ventilation bricks. Any idea what is causing the mould...
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    Soundproofing the walls because of neighbours noisy baby!

    Has anyone heard of a new soundproofing product which is a high density mat/membrane? Apparently it is 'a compounded and processed mixture of thermoplastic organic polymers, phthalate esters, mineral fillers, stabilisers and pigmentation.' It is glued to the party wall with 2 layers of...
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    Clicking Radiator

    Any way to cure this?
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    Clicking Radiator

    We have a very loud 'ticking' noise from one radiator in our house that comes and goes every 4 or 5 minutes. We have normal "on / off" valves (as opposed to thermostatic valves). What could cause this? It is an upstairs radiator and is one of 5 in the house, one of which is not connected at...