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    Converting a V4043H1056 (NC) 2 Port Valve to a V4043B1257 2 Port Valve (NO) ??

    @WhatNext did you ever manage this? I'm looking to do the same and was looking for alternatives to the V4043B but it looks like there aren't any.
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    How many hinges for 1250mm vertical MFC door?

    Cool. Thankfully 2 doors (plus another 3 small doors) so pairs is all good. Really struggling to find the Blum clip top ones in the UK though. They must exist somewhere because I've seen them in apartments here. But bugger me if I can find them
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    How many hinges for 1250mm vertical MFC door?

    Right, so we work in axes then, do we? By vertical opening I mean you open them vertically. The edge of the door goes in a vertical arc rather than a horizontal arc
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    How many hinges for 1250mm vertical MFC door?

    What I mean to say is pneumatic pistons for vertical opening doors
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    How many hinges for 1250mm vertical MFC door?

    As the title says, how many hinges should I use on a vertical 1250mm cabinet door? And what type? Been looking for the BLUM Clip Top Inserta, but can't seem to find them. Edit: I've got 2 100NM gas lifts for each door too Edit 2: And how would you suggest I ensure I cut the holes straight...
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    Gripit Fixings

    Got some of the 2015 ones. My oversized, cheap Luxor 46" TV is happily sat on the wall. The problems with the previous model have indeed been fixed. The tiny screw heads are far stronger, the new ones are suitable for PB 9.5mm to 15mm thick, and the centre thread seems much stronger. Going to...
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    Polycarb roof sloped down to box gutter on pebble dash

    Hi everyone, I've got a passage about 1.7m x 5m leading from my kitchen door to my garden. on one side is the outside of my house wall, the other is a dividing wall between mine and next door's gardens and is pebble dashed. Right, scene set. My plan was to create a simple wooden framework...