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    how to remove Deeply embedded screws

    Chunky side cutters. Point of the cutters facing into the wall, handles towards you. Grip the screw head and use the cutters as a screwdriver. I have removed loads of stubborn screws this way.
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    Kitchen worktop upgrade advice

    Used this in a bathroom on a single run of 'worktop' Not too difficult to fit with a bit of care. Only two adults in our house. It has picked up a couple...
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    Fitting a ceiling light with 3 wires

    Post a pic of your multimeter. Need to ID the switch wires
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    Fitting a ceiling light with 3 wires

    Did you get a pic before removing the existing fitting? One set of Red, Black and Earth is from the fusebox One is to the next light One is to the wall switch
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    Horn not working - fuse issue? Vauxhall

    Which car is the van based on? There is quite a bit relating to Astra H horn problems online. If this is yours, have a search for CIM clip.
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    Has anyone found the best questions to ask during a gas safe inspection?

    Would you like me to go away and let you get on with your job?
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    Fixing awning to insulated outer wall.

    Maybe consider one that fixes to the ground i.e. To fit what you are suggesting, the advice seems to be remove the insulation, screw a treated timber block in its place and render over. The brackets will then have a solid surface to mount on. I am...
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    Which Shower Screen

    Thank You :) Merlyn seem to have some reasonably priced screens.
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    Which Shower Screen

    Can't remember the last time I had a bath (just ask my pet flies). But you know, 3 bed semi in suburbia MUST have a bath. We always use the shower in the en-suite. Been here 20+ years and no intention of moving any time soon. Danish niece and nephew (under 10) had a dip when they were over last...
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    Which Shower Screen

    Any recommended bath shower screens please? Standard bath Spare bathroom. Quite rare that it will get used I am thinking something like this with a fixed panel attached to the wall. £100-£200 price range but willing to stretch a bit for anything recommended. Are fixed or sliding better...
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    Tap grub screw between sizes

    Yes. If there is enough room to get to the grub screw If not, a stubby bit driver or even a socket
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    Ideas for a wall mounted latch?

    Would something as simple as a wooden post on the wall to catch the door work? I presume you just want to prevent it scraping on the wall rather than needing to hold it in position?
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    Challenge Circular saw

    You haven't got the wrong side of the 'washer' facing the blade have you? Looking at one for sale on ebay Do you have a angle grinder 2 pin type key for it as well? Looks like you maybe hold the washer with the 2 pin key to lock the motor and then tighten the allen screw...
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    DIY Brick & Concrete BBQ

    A few places I have stayed have had concrete or brick bases for the charcoal Never really got on with them. Might be OK with a starter chimney for the charcoal. Nothing to contain the ash. I think you need a grate and pan for the charcoal Stayed somewhere recently that had a brick bbq. Bog...
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    Transferring data to new phone

    Samsung Smart Switch works very well. Just follow the instructions. If your new phone has a USB-C to USB-C cable , you may be able to plug phone to phone. Did my Samsung to Samsung over local wifi. Did my mums iPhone to Samsung with a USB-C to Lightning.
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    Bath sealing systems before tiling

    Similar to what I used in the shower with wall boards. Sits on a big bead of silicone. This was the sort of tape I was thinking of.
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    what would you do if anything

    Primarily to protect girls from aggressive boys I would guess but should have covered all scenarios. Must be very awkward to be a teenager these days. I am mid 50s FWIW. No problem at all with others sexuality. Despite some negative (maybe just be trying to be funny) comments, 100% for Do...
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    Remove and refitting plasterboard for access.

    The half round OMT blades are good for cutting longer straight lines
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    what would you do if anything

    Do you mean they would or wouldn't report if it had been the daughter? Sounds like the other boy chanced his arm and got it wrong. Clumsy teenager! Son isn't bothered and seems to have handled the situation well.
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    Bath sealing systems before tiling

    Thanks RG, I used that when I did the shower to waterproof the walls before tiling. I have stripped the walls back to brick and fitted waterproof STS boards. Similar to Wedi, Marmox, Elements etc. It is the joint from bath edge to wall I am asking about. Yes there is a shower over the bath. I...