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    Triple glazing or double glazing

    widow sizes were 1800mm x 1400mm, and 3 of 1800mm x 110mm.and 2 smaller windows in the bathroom. It was only £700 more for triple over the 6 windows, I have no doubt that 6mm glass has been used, i need to see some evidence of how efficient double/triple glazing can be against thicker glass...
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    Triple glazing or double glazing

    Thanks for your observations, been back to the company that did the job, they checked their order, and it appears that because of the size of the panels, they changed it to double glazing with 6mm glass, saying that is more energy and sound efficient than triple..... How do you measure glass...
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    Triple glazing or double glazing

    Recently had our 30year old upvc double glazing replaced,as we felt it wasn't up to todays standard, We got a quote, and paid extra for Triple glazing, now that it is all installed, realy good and neat job, How can I tell it is actally triple and not double? what does Triple look like? see...
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    So many wires....Help for final light fitting.

    This would be ideal,if you can get one.
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    Telephone not ringing

    I remember a fault like this, it turned out to be the hansdset in the bedroom not fully down on the cradle due to a lip around the edge of the bedside cabinet top not allowing the handset to go fully down.Apparently when you pick up the handset, it short circuits the bell before putting a loop...
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    Getting a rhino to perform.

    Superb...laughed till I cried.... PP.............if only it was on youtube........... :D
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    Where to drain condensate?

    At least you are aware of the possible problem, As said, discuss with your RGI, We had BG fit a new wet system 5 yrs ago, Didn't know anything about the condensate till last january, when it started to give problems, freezing etc, boiler in front of house, drains at back of house, and now I...
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    Taxi Fares

    mr w Taxi drivers probably not got many customers in the snow, so need to charge what they can to make a living.. You are like me , only like to charge a fair price for an simple job, I have known people to do little and charge more, by Gilding the lily. PP
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    Telephone and internet

    Gasman, a slave/secondary line jack unit, is only a Primary, with the components missing , ie. capacitor,resistors, cut them out and they become secondaries/slaves your ist lju should be a nte5, which has the bell circuit capacitor and lightening protector ony need one capacitor in the...
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    gas bills lets compare

    Yes I know, what I was trying to say was that what I thought was a similar usage was in fact his usage in units needed to be multiplied by 2.83, ie his weekly usage say 40 units, my weekly usage 40 units look similar but in fact he uses 111.32, so he was using nearly three times as much! He was...
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    gas bills lets compare

    Breezer's comparisons may not be a simple as it sounds, I was comparing my dads 2 bed bungalow, with my 3 bed detached, he had his thermostat set at 25c, on permanent, and mine 18c to 20c timed to come on early morning for 2 hrs, and evening for 5 hrs, very similar usage I thought. The...
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    Seized cars

    merseyside police use old cars in their campaigns. At the moment, there are two cars "T" boned outside the mersey tunnel,on the pavement as part of the Christmas don't Drink and Drive Campaign. The police HQ in liverpool have cars outside on the pavement permanently, as part of their NoTax, No...
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    Things i've never had/eaten/seen/done...

    had a good laff at this topic, feel sorry for young steve.. I have NEVER been caught speeding seen a ghost been so drunk I don't remember paid for sex eaten raw fish seen the wife nude (anyones) shoplifted flown in a fixed wing aircraft been to america never lit my f*rts watched x...
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    Newbie at painting

    hello jenna222, sorry no one has replied to your post.I was hoping for an answer to your problem. My stairs and hall are the same,under the paper was an "eggshell" type paint, I tried sanding the edges and painting over, but the original paint just bubbled in places, and stuck to the roller...
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    How long do you guys have your heating on for?

    I had thought about this for some time, the only time we had the heating on full time was over christmas.(Usage 52 cu mtres) I experimented in november, when it wasn't all that wintery,Leaving the heating on permanent, roomstat set to 19 degrees C turning it up to 21 when in, weekly usage...
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    Busying a telephone line

    Softus, Ask the OP if he has had any constructive help? I was only describing a situation, where if he did put a short accross his lines he would possibly be disconnected,and indeed in his reply, he showed that he understood. The Fact that BT have withdrawn a service, with no alternative would...
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    Busying a telephone line

    Softus ..Wire must be approved, or they wouldn't have loads of it hanging from poles! Have you anything constructive to pass on to the OP? PP
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    Busying a telephone line

    Softus, if yer gorna quote, quote the whole thing! Are you saying a line with a short on will still ring? :? pp
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    Bank Charges.....they seem fair enough to me

    Rest assured there will be no winners in this. The banks will still want to make vast profits, If they can't make it of the vulnerable, they will try the "free" Current Account holders, I stay in credit, and I get interest, I can see them trying to stop that. Then It will be looking round...
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    Busying a telephone line

    Hi, Spoke to revelation man to-day, his solution would be to program the lines onto individual buttons on a system phone, and seize each line in turn, and put them into hold.leaving the receiver off,otherwise the lines will revert. Then when you want to release them just reverse the procedure. pp