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    Damp garage

    Many thanks for the reply. The garage has two exposed wall, a long one (painted with cheap exterior paint) and a short one unpainted. The water pools inside at the bottom of the unpainted wall, the inside of the painted wall is also damp. I guess this may be a coincidence and the water may...
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    Hole in the wall gas fire.

    We're about to do a similar thing, but afraid i cannot help much as we're just going to get a guy to come in and do it for us! :oops: Quoted just shy of £2k for fire, installation, and skimming of chimney breast. Alistair
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    Damp garage

    Hi all, I have a single garage in the back garden and it gets rally damp inside when it rains heavily to the point that puddles appear at one end. I have recently replaced the roof which was also leaking, that is now fixed which has helped matters. The garage is a breaze block construction...
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    Tidying up plastic pipe installation

    Hi guys, I've just had a complete central heating system installed inlcuding removal of the old copper microbore and replacement with new plastic piping and new radiators. Though the plastic pipework has many advantages, one disadvantage is that you cannot have it popping out a skirting...
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    Burying pipework

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum or not..... We're having a new central heating system installed next week and i'm prepping by making some channels in the walls to bury the pipes which will then be covered when we have the walls skimmed. The question is, what is the best way to...
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    Corrugated bitumen garage roof - flashing ?

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. I'm actually needing to do the long (non-corrugated) edge rather than the corrugated edge as shown in the diagram above. By sounds of things, lead flashing or flashband is the way forward. Since i'm a novice at these things i might try the flashband route...
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    Corrugated bitumen garage roof - flashing ?

    Hi, I'm replacing the asbestos concrete roof this weekend with some corrugated bitumen sheets from Wickes. At one end of the garage there is a wall along which the straight (long) edge of the sheeting will butt up against. What should i do here so that water doesn't leak between the two ? The...
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    Choice of radiator

    Hi, We're having a new central heating system installed (combi-boiler, new pipework and rads, TRVs on all rads) but we are sourcing our own radiators. We've been looking at many 'designer radiators' for the living room, many of these we very much like the look of, many unfortunately are...
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    Burying pipes - tips

    Hi all, We're having a new central heating system installed including all new radiators and pipework - removing old microbore pipes and replacing with plastic stuff. Downstairs has a solid floor and the bolier is going upstairs, most of the pipe work will run under the upstair floorboards...
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    Burying pipes in walls

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum... I have two microbore pipes running down the wall in the hallway from the ceiling to the radiator. As i'm redecorating i was wondering if it is ok to knock a channel into the (external) wall, and put the pipework into some conduit into the chanel, then...