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    Replacing garage roof - building control?

    Thanks Freddy - that's sort of my thinking, I don't reckon I'd lose too much sleep over it ;-) Plenty of photos is a very good idea, I'll do that - and yes, even with the increase in pitch it'll be under 4m so no worries there. As to the blockwork - it's actually quite nice & solid...
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    Replacing garage roof - building control?

    Hi folks, Would be v grateful for any advice on the following & where I stand with building control. Current lean-to garage is in a shocking state - built in 1950s, single skin blockwork outer wall, double wooden doors at front, half block wall & single door at back, timber pitched roof...
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    Removing floorboard under stud wall?

    Hi all - hope this is the right forum for this question! I'm refitting our bathroom & as the floorboards are in very poor condition, was going to replace with 18mm WBP ply, to be finished with vinyl. However - there's a stud wall between the bathroom & landing that's a more recent...
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    Painting walls that will later be skimmed...?

    Hi folks - hope you can help with a bit of a dilemma we have! Our house needs a lot of work & we're currently juggling the various tasks against our dwindling budget... :( We've stripped several rooms back to plaster & nearly all of them will need skimming over at some point - so we're now...
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    Anyone fitted a Gerberit Duofix?

    Thanks Cozzmic. Footing them on timber does sound like a safer option - I'll do that. With the walls, yes they have bolts at the top. Going to take it back to the brickwork so I'll be able to anchor the frames directly to that - should be good & solid. Cheers!
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    Anyone fitted a Gerberit Duofix?

    In the final stages of planning our bathroom renovation now and planning to use Duofix frames for both a toilet & basin. However... The instructions off their website are pathetic so I'm not 100% sure what I'll need to do to ensure the frames have secure footing. The floor in the bathroom...
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    Shower tray set underneath backing board?

    Hi folks - first post here but a long time reader, so hello! :) Now onto my question - would be very grateful if anyone could help! After long research I'm well aware the recommended way to install a shower tray is to do so after moisture-resistant board has already been fitted, and to seal...