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    Hive Wiring Help

    Fitted it today and works flawlessly. Thanks again stem
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    Can I upgrade only the thermostat from Hive 1 to Hive 2

    I upgraded from v1 to v2 when it first came out and still have the v1 hub and it all connected up ok. It came with the wall mount as well. Mine is single channel but I think the thermostats are compatible for both
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    Hive Wiring Help

    Perfect. Thanks for your help stem. Hopefully will have this hooked up over the weekend.
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    Hive Wiring Help

    Evening all I have the Hive thermostat on order and should be here tomorrow. I currently have a Salus RT300RF wireless thermostat which i will be replacing. The boiler is a viessmann vitopend 100 combi The current wiring on the Salus receiver is:- COM - Grey wire and brown loop NO - Black...