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    Granite Slabs

    Thanks Foxhole, that's a help.
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    Granite Slabs

    Hi, I want to lay 60 x 40cm, x 2cm thick Granite slabs as a base for a wood burner. I've got a couple of sacks of exterior grade tile adhesive over from another project or should i just use a mortar bed? Thanks for your help.
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    Decorating: Is mould or damp?

    Buy or hire a steamer wallpaper stripper depending on how much you have to do, you can pick up a basic one in any DIY store. It just uses an element to boil water like a kettle to create constant steam with a hose and a flat plate to hold against the wall, scoring the woodchip if its been...
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    Unstick painted sash windows

    My windows were 130 years old, it took a couple of guys to do the 8 windows in a couple of days, they even applied a primer coat They advertised as specialist sash window refurbishment. I was certainly impressed with the work. It was about 12 years ago in the West Kent area. I can't remember...
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    Unstick painted sash windows

    I had old sashes on my previous house, it was part of the character of the building, so being feed up with them constantly sticking through years of paint, some not opening properly etc., I went for a total refurb. You can find lots of companies who provide this service. If you have good...
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    Revamping a lantern

    Spot on, that's what I would do.
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    Concrete Slab

    Thanks for all your advice guys, been a great help.
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    Concrete Slab

    Thanks Woody and Tomfe, Screed is not an option for me, I'll take a punt with the extra load.
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    Concrete Slab

    I'm planning on adding more concrete on to an existing slab, it's currently 75mm I will be bring it up to about 125mm. Do I need to do anything to the existing slab before the pour, I thinking would a PVA solution be neccessary.
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    Repair of bay window

    It looks like rebar, reinforced concrete was used across the top of the bay. The render probably got cracked when the window was fitted and over time its fallen away. I would have thought you could do a suitable patch repair, but getting a good colour match might be difficult. Why not get a...
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    Blocking off internal door

    If the property is not listed it should be fine, make sure you are not causing an obstruction in case of a fire, but why block the internal door, surely an easier option would be just to fit a lock on it. No hassle then should options change in the future.
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    Structural Issue?

    Who suggested it didn't need a survey? A 15 year old house could suffer from bodged building work just like any other. I wouldn't panic though just keep an eye on the situation to make sure it's old movement from when the work was originally done. If you are worried post some pics on here and...
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    Neighbor likes to remove shared chimney stack - Any problems 4 me?

    They would probably have in place planning for a loft conversion, my concern would be the finished look of the property and how this might affect things if and when you decide to sell in the future. At the moment having only removed the chimney breast in the living room you have an easy option...
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    Lighting, bathroom lampshade

    Any electrical dept of a DIY superstore will stock these units, they are pretty standard. Take the old piece with you to match up. If you are not competent in doing this yourself get an electrician in. Remember always to turn the power supply off at the consumer unit and test before you put your...
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    Solid wood flooring, what are my options without raising the height?

    It's all a matter of personal preference, if you want to retain the Victorian look of the floor your best bet would be to search out a reclamation yard and get hold of some suitable boards and replace the dodgy ones. Modern T&G is fine, but it will not have the patina, or aged look of your old...
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    Thinking of buying an abandoned project - building regs?

    Taking on a grade 2 listed property for development could be a bit of a money pit, despite the work already completed. I would get in touch with local building control to check what if anything they have on record. You need to check that everything so far complies with Grade 2 listing and BC...
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    damage to plaster

    Insurers will always look for ways to save money when it comes to paying claims, stand your ground, take plenty of photos and don't attempt any repair until agreement is reached. If you feel the insurance company is not playing ball then go to the Insurance Ombudsman.
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    Major brickwork cracks in detached garage

    I would take that wall down carefully, saving and cleaning all the bricks and then rebuild it. the only cost would be sand, cement and your time of course.
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    Bricklaying - cement problem

    Cement sacks do have a use-by date printed on them, providing you store it well you can usually get away with going a little past this date, if moisture got into it prior to mixing it would tend to be obvious with lumps visible etc. Could also be frost causing a problem if you failed to cover...
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    Please identify, what is this?

    Agree with John D. Is it a bathroom with roof directly above? Had similar in my old house, turned out to be water getting into the fitting from a small break in the slate of the roof. sorted that out and problem was solved.