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    New Flat Roof Felt Rippling

    the reason the first layer is nailed/spot bonded is to allow for movement and different rates of expansion and contraction between the decking and the felt,not such a problem now with high performance felts but cheaper felt forms raised ridges over time at the joints of the deck which then get...
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    Shared Flat Roof - Temporary Repair

    you may be a little out of date :)
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    Flat roof, best thing to do?

    it looks untidy,but its just superficial....clean and prep surface and apply solar reflective paint or lay chippings....however the dip in the roof suggests that chipboard was used as decking and has started to degrade...have you been on the roof and tested by treading carefully on affected area
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    New Flat Roof Felt Rippling

    best practise is to nail the first layer.....the ripples may be caused by the felt being fixed in cold weather...usually cheap felt :( would help if poss