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    Combi boiler - fluctuating water temp

    Expansion vessel has lost its air. It would need draining of water and re pressurised to 0.75 bar. Also sounds like the plate heat exchanger is scaled up causing temp in shower to fluctuate.
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    Boiler not firing

    Air lock
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    Oil boiler heating water but not central heating

    Sounds like you have two totally seperate issues. The locking out of the burner is an ignition problem ie oil or ignition. Check all filters. Check oil is good (no water). Check no leaks or blockages in oil line. Check spark electrodes are not breaking down (erratic spark) and check gap. Check...
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    V.High Boiler consumption & excessive bills

    Since your meter appears to measure in m� (metres cubed), we don�t have to worry about converting to metric, however, we do need to convert it to a standardised volume. (Volume varies with pressure so before any calculations are done, the actual volume you have used is converted to...
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    V.High Boiler consumption & excessive bills

    rates of units vary between companies and area. i would base 1 unit to 4 pence as an average. Then of course you have an A rate and a B rate, the B rate being less at around 2.5 pence.
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    Low boiler pressure. 24i greenstar junior

    sounds like something is leaking inside your boiler and consequently that is why your pressure is dropping.The water pressure has nothing to do with how much gas the boiler uses or how efficient it is you need to get the leak sorted
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    'Bang' from Unvented HW tank Expansion Vessel

    Turn vessel around the other way
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    Baxi Solo 2 30Pf - Constantly Fires Up ! - Help Required

    Check air pressure switch and hoses
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    Why don't I have a cylinder stat?

    You probably on a gravity system
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    combi fault

    common fault on these boilers is the flame sensing device.
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    Alpha CB28, pressure needs releasing every day

    this depends on whether it is over pressurizing when hot or cold. If when cold, filling loop letting by or rarely heat exchanger faulty. if it is only when hot then either undersized expansion vessel for water volume or expansion vessel failed.
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    1992 Bentone Electro Oil Burner EOGB churning out soot.

    You need to remove all the baffles from the boiler, clean them and check they are in good condition and that they are seated correctly. Clean combustion chamber and flue ways. Clean magic eye.Fit new nozzle. Reassemble. Set oil pump to 100 psi. Fire boiler, take smoke test, bearing in mind you...
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    worcester bosch greenstar 24i junior pressure problem

    Does the pressure rise when system is hot or cold. if when hot then expansion vessel fault. if when cold filling loop leaking by
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    Riello oil burner problem

    are you getting normal oil pressure at the oil pump
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    Boiler problem

    Check that the thermostat link wire has been removed from the boiler
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    HW sizing?

    a 300 ltr would be aqdequate
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    HWC Tappings

    This is probably a secondary return tapping which is used with a pumped hot water circuit. Normally would be blanked off if not required.
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    Help and advice please

    I wouldnt recommend keeping the pump running whilst draining the system. Turn off supply to expansion tank and drain via lowest drain point. If water. is very black then you may need a power flush to clean the system,. As for the showers yes a pump wouls be the best option, if being that your...
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    Boiler leak

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    Air in central heating system

    is the pump on the return pipework. This can create air problems.