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    Chimney damp

    I’m not sure what it’s called. He said there was no concrete on top of the chimney so the water was seeping in. He did put a concrete sort of layer up there, it went around the base of the pots and to about 5/10cm away from the edge of the stack at each side. But the drone showed three bit...
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    Chimney damp

    Hi, thank you for your reply. The chimney pot is closed with vents and the fireplace below is now open… the previous owners had stuffed loads of plastic up there. Would waterproof paint work on the bricks? I thought I would be the flashing but so far the advice is to take it down (despite not...
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    Damp floor under laminate (Ed.)

    Hi, I’m replacing the floor of a Victorian terrace I bought last year. On lifting the laminate there are Victorian black and red tiles ( the name has escaped me) which seem to have been Laine on clay. Under the laminate there are damp patches and mould in some tiles. The damp company said they...
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    Chimney damp

    Morning all, I’m here for some advice really. I live in a 1903 mid terraced house. I only moved in a year ago and it has quickly drained me of all my savings. 9 months ago I noticed a damp patch on the ceiling. I got a roofer out who told me there was no ‘crown’ on the stack. Charged me...