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    Which boiler ? Recommendations

    Plumber wants to fit Biasi or Baxi. Take it this is a no-no then?
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    Which boiler ? Recommendations

    For all you plumbers and experienced types : In your opinion, Which is the BEST boiler (ie low maintenance and reliable) for the following situation: Large 3 bed older style mid terrace - for rental market so we want something thats not breaking down every 2 mins. Dont mind paying a little...
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    CONCRETE skirting boards?

    Hello, Not sure if this is the right area?! "Skirting boards" in our project house, in most of the upstairs rooms, seem to be made of concrete or something very like it! Very bumpy and uneven, even under the 10 or so layers of paint, and since the house has some historic movement some...
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    Damp floor help!

    Hello We have just bought an older house in need of renovation so Im sure I will be visiting this site loads! First question - having taken up five (yes!) layers of lino today from kitchen floor, uncovered original quarry tiles which seem to be bedded on earth The whole kitchen floor is...