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    planning hell!

    generally if you contact them, sometimes they can be quite willing to offer advice
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    Disposal of dead mice

    i have found with the traps that kill them with the metal bar, after you caught one, that's it they tend to leave a trace/ smell on it and wont catch anymore. The humane traps are quite good, just then need to take the mouse a good mile/2 miles away. as they have good homing devices.... i...
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    Kitchen roll holder: suppliers?

    try some independent ironmongery shops. i have a friend in one, (so i get a nice discount) but they tend to do some nice gear that is normally found in the commercial world.
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    Floating Shelves

    think your after the Ikea - Wall shelf called - LACK £19.00
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    saw that one in homebase couple weeksago for £100
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    Halogens held in by expanding foam!

    however if the expanding foam is acting as insulation, depending on the downlight it could overheat! but if i'ts been in this long, think u will be ok
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    (wives tale) is that the same as using oil based undercoat to waterbased ?
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    mitred edges on tiles?....

    wouldn't either white or stainless steel finish tile beads do the job?
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    Insulation between gound and 1st floor?

    where is your thermostat located?
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    replacing flat roof on garage

    blow torching method would be more suitable. Depending on how long you intend it too last, there are various types from polyester based felt to glass wool based (not as strong). Contact a roofing company say callenders been around for century's. They can provide you with a system, then contact a...
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    Replacement uPVC barge boards: DIY task?

    i would think so... i just got quote from local supplier, £2000 he wanted. I now know i will be doing it myself
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    for those who may not know.. if you thinking of re-insulating your property, contact your local council/energy supplier as there are grants avaliable in order for you to do this. As it's an energy efficient scheme run by the government. I have just had my loft insulated (supply and install)...
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    Kitchen unit recomendations

    most carcuss units fit flush to back wall, just need to cut out of back of units to suit!...
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    help me with plastering/ tiling

    1.currentley renovating the bathroom, at the stage where i have a plumber coming to fit shower tray/ bath/ pipe work i plaster the walls 1st, then fit the bath and shower tray, then tile. Or would it be better to fit the shower tray and bath and plaster down to them for a better seal...