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    Asbestos corrugated roof sheets

    I've got a few leaks and looking for a temporary repair. What is a good product to address the leaks for now?
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    Going Rate for facias & gutters?

    What is the going rate for facias/soffit & gutters on a semi detached house? (front & back only) Would really appreciated a guide as getting a quote.
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    Correct Electrical Installation Documentation?

    I would really appreciate some expert guidance. i have just had a complete rewire including a new consumer unit. I expected to receive an installation certificate with supporting docs showing all the test readings for the distribution board and wiring. The only paperwork I have received is the...
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    Patio sliding door orientation ?

    Thanks Emily, it is a standard sliding patio door. I was just wondering if security was at risk with an external slider.
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    Best Value White Emulsion?

    any good deals about?
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    Patio sliding door orientation ?

    what are all the pros & cons of having the sliding door on the outside or inside?
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    Quality downlight fittings

    the room is 5 metres x 4 metres any suggestions for quality down lights?
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    Quality downlight fittings

    I was wondering what brand fittings the discerning professionals on here use? I need 15 kitchen spotlights/downlights I've heard led are the best but would also like to use a medium to top quality reliable fitting. There are so many to choose from & most are probably Chinese dross. Thanks in...