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  1. J

    Flange for shower

    Anyone else looking for the same thing I found these which are only 5mm high; They also do 15mm high ones part number Cornat TEC383202. Alternatively they do 3/4 chrome extension adapters. 15mm TEC382500
  2. J

    Who is using my electricity - meter spinning no mcbs on

    I know this may sound stupid but someone hasn't wired the door bell transformer straight off the incoming supply as opposed to from one of the outputs. Probably only about ten watts I would suppose. Sadly found this website where somone measured his minimum load in his house gives a few...
  3. J

    3 core and earth - all wires are live - WEIRD!?

    Can't beat an old AVO meter with FSD meter (can even remember the ones with P & Q buttons), wasn't same when they went digital. The problem is with modern electronic circuits you require a high impedance meter however for household wiring newer is not necessarily better.
  4. J

    What should the hole size be in a basin for taps

    Bought an Essex fix-a-tap today, takes a 32mm hole down to proper size for basin tap. Works a treat, comes with rubber grommet for tap and rubber washer for underside of the basin. Grips tap really well and stops it twisting.
  5. J

    3 cables in one socket???

    Is the most likely solution not a ring circuit with an unfused spur supplying one single socket or double socket.
  6. J

    What should the hole size be in a basin for taps

    Found what you mean here; They also do them where I bought the suite from. Helps if you know what they are called.
  7. J

    What should the hole size be in a basin for taps

    I did actually try using a bit of pipe insulation and stuff it around the tap but it wasn't very efficient. The hole is just way to big, the washer from standard size basin tap on overlaps the edge a couple of mils all round the bath tap fits almost perfectly. I found armitage shanks specs...
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    What should the hole size be in a basin for taps

    Hi, I've just bought a new bathroom suite. Having problems fitting the basin taps. The problem seems to be the holes in top are too big and the tap will not sit properly. The hole is approx 30mm diameter the threaded part of basin taps is about 20mm. It rattles around in the hole, and will...