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    Outdoor boiler and carbon monoxide levels

    Thanks for the polite reply, to me you the best example of a moron for such a response. I asked a genuine question. There is a big difference between breathing in CO2 indoors and outdoors and what minimum distances a person needs to be from the gas!
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    Outdoor boiler and carbon monoxide levels

    Thanks for confirming that. Just what I thought. He nearly convinced me that the boiler needed replacing for around £2,000+ but sounds like a thorough service should do the job. £150-£200 is about what I was expecting to pay so thanks for confirming that. Now it sounds like I need to find...
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    Outdoor boiler and carbon monoxide levels

    Hoping someone can help. My boiler is situated outside at the back of the house in an enclosure. Today had a guy come round to do the gas safety checks (he is gas safe registered). When inspecting the boiler he said there were high levels of carbon monoxide being emitted from the...
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    CH Expansion Tank Overflow

    As a temporary measure to this problem would there be any issue in putting a one way valve between CH overflow tank and the boiler thus the water is never allowed to reach the CH expansion tank! Longterm what danger is there of leaving the valve in knowing that the coil has a leak!