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    diverter valve question

    thanks mandate this has helped a lot thanks
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    Vokera Linea 28 Combi boiler HELP!

    you can only have one or the over on a combi dhw or ch but not both at the same time do you mean when you turn off the demand for ch and turn the tap on the water is ok but if you have ch on and then turn the tap on the boiler cuts out is this is what is happening
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    diverter valve question

    sorry ollski if i sound a bit thick but to test if it is functioning correctly which would be the best way to test it say test 1. complaint of no heating what would i look for. and test 2. no hot water but heating. is there a way i can test with a multimeter cheers............
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    moving gas meter

    it would be better to get the meter moved first but you would need transco to do this for you at a very expensive charge
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    diverter valve question

    hello does anyone have any experience with these things. the thing is in telling where the position of the valve is. if i turn every thing off than say turn the controller on to heating then the room stat on full does the arm on the valve move over AND if so how do i tell if it has by looking...