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    Hot water then cold then hot .......

    Hi all, I have a Worcester Bosch boiler that is 2 years old. Recently, when we run a bath, it never gets to the right temp because it goes cold... then it goes hot and then cold and it keeps doing that. Yesterday British Gas came and carried out a service and I was hoping the fault would...
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    Commercial alterations

    Hi all, I have had a Contractor make some alterations to some lighting circuits so that they switch some off at night to save energy. Are they obliged to provide drawings of their alteratons and leave in situ ? Anyone know?
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    Thanks to all. SBK Brushwood looks like the thing to try. :)
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    Thanks for your answer. I should have mentioned that they keep popping up through my lawn. I'll certainly will get some round up.
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    What is the best way to get rid of Brambles please. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Overloaded cables, anyone seen any really bad ones?

    Lets face it, in truth its impossible to create the perfect scenario in practice unless you jam a 6" nail across your cut-out. But it does happen in reality. The cut-out was the protection. I know for a fact that in many towns and cities, there are many cut-outs that have nothing behind...
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    Overloaded cables, anyone seen any really bad ones?

    Try doing it as a dead short with no protection and step back with a fire extinguisher :twisted:
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    Interesting. I like the Power balance meter website :P Thanks mate
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    Overloaded cables, anyone seen any really bad ones?

    Ive seen it demonstrated many times but in reality at the sharp end, yes its rare" Why? Because in this country we have always had imho a very good training environment for Apprentices. Any installations carried out by untrained persons will need very load hungry devices to cause a fire. We've...
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    Here's something I fail to see. Whatever energy efficient devices we use, however many times we turn "that" light off when we dont need it. How does this save the planet? I know it saves on Elec. bills on the consumer side but to me, whatever you do, that generator still spins at the same speed...
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    Many thanks, looks like I will find what I need here :D
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    Hello all, Im not sure if this is covered by this forum but I'll try. Problem: Well freezers in a store are affected by the warm air coming from HVAC vents from the ceiling. These are not multi-directional/ adjustable unfortunately and so are fixed in situ. I have exhausted all other sources...
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    Brussels pulls plug on old light bulbs

    Everyone is talking about "light bulbs" being banned. "sighs" I wont go into the "an onion is a bulb" argument when talking about lamps but Floodlights are best when instantaneous at switch on...when you probably need them to be. it possible that Halogen lamps could still be allowed...
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    The Great Global Warming Swindle.

    Swindle? I'll see you in the desert then. Have a look at this and draw your own conclusions
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    Elec cooker broken. Advice needed

    Definitely want to avoid paying someone else to do it eh? Well at least you have to buy the element I guess...and here's where you might get it....
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    Zanussi dials - illumination problem

    Jeff, try ringing the shop.
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    3 Phase to Single

    Dont ask them to uprate the supply or they will charge you, just tell them you have a power cut and then they are obliged to do it for free.
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    Really quick "concrete kitchen floor" question

    LOL... JohnD Im not talking about chasing up to the ceiling with each socket lol
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    Double gang switch wiring for outside lights

    Bring your switchfeed down to A1 then link it across to B1, then A2 and B2 off to your respective light fittings.
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    Really quick "concrete kitchen floor" question

    If thats your best route into your kitchen then go ahead.