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    wrap or replace exhaust?

    A sound welded patch is ok,anything that looks like a bodge has to be failed. With all the complaining,blame the garage,it's just had an MOT and the exhaust has fallen off attitude around these days,testers will take no chances with gun-gum repairs.If that sounds bizzare Softus then tough!
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    Engine not starting after overhaul

    If it's burping fuel back out the inlet,you may have an error with the valve timing or clearances. It could just be a temperature sensor fault,causing massive overfuelling. Your spark plugs will need drying out anyway. Are all the wiring connectors on ok and in the correct place?
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    wrap or replace exhaust?

    --tom,most MOT testers will assume the exhaust under the wrapping is u/s and fail it anyway. What wraps I have seen,are wrapped round wet then they sort of set hard.So when your flexi bit flexes,it cracks the wrapping anyway. Don't waste your time and money on wraps,go get a new one,it's...
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    Vauxhall/Opel carburettor, anybody?

    Well done that man!! :D
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    Clio key

    The 1 minute battery out time sounds reasonable to me. Vauxhall allow 3 minutes with the battery out,but the french are always in a hurry :D Seriously,if the battery on a vauxhall is out for longer than 3 minutes,the central remote locking will not work.You have to re-synchronise the key by...
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    Installing frost plug heaters on Toyota Tercel 1985

    Looks like it seals with an "O"-ring?I hope it's a good fit,to be honest it would worry me without more security. Is there any sort of clamping bracket to keep it in the block securely? You should be able to flush the whole system out in one go,heater controls need to be set to hot position.You...
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    Installing frost plug heaters on Toyota Tercel 1985

    I have fitted a few pre-heaters,mostly to Land Rovers,but these usually fit in the bottom hose and incorporate a pump to circulate warmed coolant round the heater etc. Most ones you see are made by Bray or Kenlowe. When a core plug is removed,you usually slam a spike through and lever it...
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    206 Indictor Issue?

    Best to look in Car repairs and maintenance section.Post headed,indicators have a mind of their own. Sounds like the same problem,must be a 206 regular fault.
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    Can I check viscosity of oil?

    Mike,I am wondering if,as it had only covered 3000 miles,that your oil filter got the "oily rag" treatment.The biggish diesels hold the fat end of a litre of oil in the filter,this would dirty fresh oil right away. I used to change the oil on my 1.9 Citroen every 3000,and it never looked black...
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    Fiat Punto 1.2 Elx

    I had a similar fault too jonny,it was a 5 cylinder Merc diesel.It had a mysterious coolant loss,but not overheating until it had lost enough coolant! Turned out to be cracked/corroded around an exhaust valve guide,so when warmed up it was ditching coolant down the exhaust with the gas.Put it...
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    New Van

    I have a mate who works for autoglass.He gets his van supplied of course,but he now has a swb Transit connect.Says it is the best van he has ever had. His work area is Birmingham,so a 40 miles each way commute in comfort and with reasonable economy.He recommends them to anyone thinking of a...
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    cd for picasso

    Often known on here as "Halfrauds",but to be fair,I know several people who have been well satisfied with the wide choice of unit and service received. Often,the removal of a OEM fitted radio/cassette etc. leaves a huge hole in the dash,and Halfords usually have a fascia plate suitable to make...
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    vauxhall combo 1994 cold start

    OK maxmax,good luck with it. You still haven't actually said if the start up and poor performance came on before or after the fuel filter change. If after,then I would be confident of an air leak somewhere,if before then as long as the air filter is clean,I think jonnyfishing and myself agree...
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    Vauxhall/Opel carburettor, anybody?

    Hah,We have a lot in common,motor trade,supplementing income buying auction cars,foreigners,done all that. £37.10 for a Cresta? people would be surprised how good a motor you could buy for that sort of cash then. :) I wasn't driving when suez was on,the first fuel I bought was BP blend,the...
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    vauxhall combo 1994 cold start

    Oh gawd,I don't know which you need.I regularly use two sizes,most common is 12mm ID,and 17mm OD. The other is 14mm ID and 20mm OD. I mentioned this in case the problem arose after doing the filter.I usually fill the new filter with diesel through the union hole.I have known astra's etc to just...
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    Vauxhall/Opel carburettor, anybody?

    Didn't matter much then Ned,fuel was only about 50p a GALLON!! None of them litres about then.I also liked the big sixes from Vauxhall,apart from banging my leg on the door aperture if I jumped in a bit quick.(Big wrap around windscreen caused it).Early Victors did it too. :o
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    vauxhall combo 1994 cold start

    If after initial start up the motor runs ok,I would suspect air being drawn in to the fuel line delaying the start,copper washers on filter banjo unions are prime suspect. Best way to test glow plugs is to remove them,resistance across a removed plug is 0.4 ohm.You can also connect up briefly...
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    Traffic info volume?

    Sorry I can't be more helpfull,Our last astra was a merit on a "M" plate and that had a "car 200" radio/cassette. Possibly yours is not original. As B&Qsuck says,you really need to know the make,then someone with the info can pass it on.Could you slip the set out and see if there is a label on...
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    Charging a car battery by driving it

    Spell checker yourself pappyon,Humph the battery up stairs :?: We all can make a spelling mistake,even me from time to time!! I still maintain you have a problem of your own making. Put some fresh fuel in,take Mrs Pappyon for a ride at least once a week,go somewhere 20 miles away,have...
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    Charging a car battery by driving it

    I really cannot see any point in the advise given here.Cars are meant to be used,and as pappyon appears unwilling to drive the thing further than Asda then he makes a rod for his own back,as they say. :(