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    Getting rid of weeds before laying new lawn.

    Thanks for the tip - yes, it sounds like that's what I've got. Having read about it, it sounds like an absolute nightmare, roots 5 feet deep and producing millions of spores! I have read in a couple of places that ammonium sulphamate will kill it. Unfortunately this has now been banned as a...
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    Getting rid of weeds before laying new lawn.

    Hi, I am in the process of sorting out my garden which was an absolute jungle when I moved in. I have an area where I want to lay a lawn. Last summer I cleared all the brambles. At the moment the ground is uneven with tatty wild grass, and various weeds, dandelions, bindweed and some brambles...
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    Decking for large paddling pool

    If I've got my sums right a 12 foot diameter pool filled to 30" will have about 7.5 cubic metres of water in it. That's 7.5 tons! Maybe that's best left on solid ground, I'm not sure most decking systems are designed to take the weight of a double decker bus.