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    CH off but radiators getting hot when water heating

    Hi, The last few days the upstairs radiators have started heating up when the hot water comes on. The heating system is about 7 years old and we've not had this problem before. I'm not sure what type of system we have but here is a list of what we have and where: Downstairs util room -...
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    Worcester Greenstar or Glowworm Ultracom2

    1 bed flat, 1 bathroom with shower, 5 rads. Which boiler would people recommend, the Worcester Greenstar Junior 24i or the Glowworm Ultracom2 24cxi? Both are similar price with flue, both come with 2 year warranty although the Worcester comes with a 10 year warranty on primary heat...
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    Time for a new boiler?? help

    Hello, I live in a 1 bed flat, with 5 rads, the boiler is a Vaillant VCW 242E, it's been pretty good over the last 4 years but the last few months its needed several repairs and now a circuit board has gone and quotes have been around £300. The boiler is around 20 years old and I can't get...