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    Retaining wall top ideas

    Thanks John I like the pebbles idea. Or I did have a thought that I could use wood again but cover it in roofing felt. Not 100% sure that would stop the warping but it's an idea.
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    Retaining wall top ideas

    Hi, We have a big step down from our neighbours fence. On our side there is a 3 ft wall of old concrete slabs with Feather edge in front to hide the slabs. On top of this are 2 Feather edge boards fixed together along the whole fence, probably 40 feet. As you can see the top is very warped now...
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    under shelf top
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    wood top
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    wood top
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    front of wall
  7. Garden wall top

    Garden wall top

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    New drain cover?

    Hi, I have this in the garden, as you see it is broken. I want to buy a replacement cover if possible, but I don't know what it is called? Any ideas?
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    Conservatory roof help

    Hi All, We have an old UPVC conservatory and as much as I hate it, it is staying, so I am going to attempt to fix it up a little. The Roof is the main issue, some of the polycarbonate panels have slipped and there are now a few cracks where water gets in. You can see the current panels are...
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    Velux window installation kit

    Hi all, can anyone advise which installation kit I would need to use for installation into a pitched roof with plain tiles. There's quite a few listed. Cheers Worz
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    Boiler cutting out when heating water.

    Sorry for the delay. The Boiler is an old ideal mexico 2 and the hot water cylinder is a weird green colour. The top rad when bled does produce a strong flow of clean water. I filled half a jug! Agile, why would this have changed, as they have worked in the past.
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    Boiler cutting out when heating water.

    Hi, I have noticed that when the hot water is heating the boiler is cutting in and out quite often. I am guessing there is air in the hot water heating loop? It is a gravity fed system with 2 valves. The Heating is working fine. What can i do to rectify this? Cheers
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    Honeywell V4043H1056 Motorised valve issues

    Thanks all. I have turned off the mains and also drained down the system as I was going to give it a run through with some de sludging stuff. Anyway the motor is now off, I guess I just need to order a new one now. Do these regularly stiffen up?
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    Honeywell V4043H1056 Motorised valve issues

    Hi, I have 2x 2 port valves one for the ch and one for the hw. When i push the hw one there is a little resistance and I can hear the motor moving open then returning to closed after. The ch one is not returning to closed any more. I can't really replace the whole valve as it is against the...
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    Aluminium sash window stops.

    Hi, as per the title, is there such a thing. I want to have my sash windows open a little for ventilation. Cheers.
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    Siemens EH775001E Induction hob died

    Hi All, After some advice please, my induction hob has died. I checked the cooker switch first and found a very loose wire, tightened this but still nothing. I have proved power is getting to the hob. Looking under the glass plate I cant see any obvious fuses. Any ideas? The 3 cct boards are...
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    Preparing an exteranal corner for Tiling.

    OK thanks Roy! I thought it would need a full plaster. I guess the tiles will hide whats underneath.
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    Preparing an exteranal corner for Tiling.

    Hi, After knocking out a very small wall. I am left with getting it ready to tile. I have taken a couple of pictures so you can see the current state. Could you advise me of the easiest method of getting this external corner ready to tile please. Thanks Ed DSC_0165 by worz posted 19 Jul 2015 at...
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