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    is my plum tree dead?

    Hi all, I bought a plum tree for my garden about 18 months ago. Last year the fruits got infected by some 'grub' and had to throw them all away. The grubs had eaten there way into the center of each fruit and laid what looked like eggs Now this year, the leaves started to grow then all...
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    another double glazing question ;)

    Hi all I've recently bought a 1930's semi which needs a heck of a lot of modernising done to it and in typical moneysaving style I'm hoping to do most of it myself, so I'm sure that this wont be my last cry for help I'm a fairly new Dyer but competent and conscientious and have lots of...
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    Yet another fencing question

    i thought wooden would be the easiest, but was trying to match up to the concrete posts which are already in place
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    Yet another fencing question

    sorry for my ingorance, the wall plate is basically another type of concrete post that fixes to the house wall?
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    Yet another fencing question

    ahh sorry, no i mean the post are 6' so guess i want 6' panels or shorter panels plus gravel boards main question was about the post next to the hosue really . thanks :)
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    Yet another fencing question

    Hi all, I need to replace 6 fence panels in my garden, currently i have concrete posts and 4' panels and trellis on top. I would like to replace the panels with 6' ones and gravel boards and keep the concrete posts i already have in place. What is the recommend type of panels for this...