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    Lighting for external covered corridor

    Thanks for the info everyone. If the consensus is a feed from sockets, I'll investigate tomorrow and post again. Fits in well as the second half of the job was installing some IP rated sockets out there too. Cheers Sparkie
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    Lighting for external covered corridor

    Hi all I have a covered corridor between my property and next door. I've been tasked with adding lighting and sockets for gardening by SWMBO. The most convenient point to take a feed from is the utility room next to the corridor. There is a double switched light which I had intended to take...
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    Insulating a garage

    Hi all I'm planning on converting my adjoining double garage into a store/utility/games room over winter. Does anyone know of any building regs that might apply that I should be aware of? The garage doors are going to remain in place, and we're installing a personnel door on one side wall. Any...
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    Garage Conversion Queries

    Hi folks, I'm looking for some advice before starting a project to convert our garage into a store/utility/games room. FYI, the garage adjoins my lounge and my neighbours', is single story with a pitched roof, and was built 2 years ago. I'm pretty handy (D&T teacher :D) and am planning on...