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    Leaning chimney pot - advice needed means, I think, that I will have to get it sorted before I put the house on the market. In my view, cosmetic or not, it visibly advertises 'bodge job done here'.
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    Leaning chimney pot - advice needed

    Thanks for the response. It was placed at that angle when fitted, apparently there were difficulties getting it straight. Having done a bit more reading on the subject, I think no/insufficient supports were put in place when replacing the old large pot with the new smaller pot.
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    Leaning chimney pot - advice needed

    I have just had a cracked chimney pot replaced. The new chimney pot is smaller than the old chimney pot. I have noticed that the new chimney pot is leaning at a slight angle (refer photo). I see it as a potential problem NOT a 'cosmetic problem e.g. a potential buyer seeing a leaning chimney...