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    Boiler problems

    I have a Worcester Bosch oil fired combi boiler with built in programmer/timer, linked to an old analogue thermostat sited in my hallway. The boiler has worked fine until recently, the problem being this: The programmer is set to turn on the CH and HW at certain times. The programmer appears to...
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    Acrylic or stone resin shower tray?

    I am fitting an en-suite and am looking for a shower tray. I would like a low profile tray and most of these seem to be acrylic. Are acrylic shower trays any good or would I be better off with a stone one? Thanks for reading.
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    Spur FCU off lighting circuit.

    Is it ok to spur an FCU off the lighting circuit to supply a shaver point and under floor heating in en-suite? Thanks.
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    Plastic push fit in stud wall.

    This is how I had planned to do the job, but the elbows would still be concealed in the wall. I just wanted to be confident that these type of fittings weren't prone to leaks. Thanks.
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    Plastic push fit in stud wall.

    I am in the process of plumbing in an en-suite. I have built a stud wall (4x2) and need to drop in the hot and cold supplies for sink and shower and supply for cistern. Supplies will be run from the loft, down into the stud wall. I plan to use plastic, and would like to gauge opinion on having...