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    dual row 17th cu ?

    You could try here. I've not fitted a dual RCD one but the split load one is quite narrow, unfortunately there's not too much space in it.
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    low voltage lamp holders are crap :(

    I use these, as the spring seems to help hold the lamp in place. Haven't had any call backs after fitting them.
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    Cooker Electrical Part. Cannot Find It

    It's a plug connector with 2 spade type connectors in it, to which the wires are crimped. this pushes onto the two blades sticking out of the bottom of the ignition switch. There appears to be nothing wrong with the connector so why was it cut off? You wont get one of these from a spares...
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    Help - can anyone identify this switch, I need a replacement

    They look like RPP (Proteus) grid modules. They're CEFs own brand so you'll only be able to get them from there. Hugh
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    Help identifying DC electrical connector

    Is this for use on an aircraft that's in service, or for a museum exhibit? If it's for an in use aircraft you could try posting on Pprune in the Engineers and Technicians forum.
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    Help identifying DC electrical connector

    What's this actually fitted too? The connector looks like the ones used on the Smiths Industries Fuel Systems on aircraft. Which would tie in with the 28Vdc. The size is about right and the pins are not equally set around the connector, so this would be the indicating side rather than the...
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    shower goes from hot to cold

    Have a look at the installation guide that came with the shower or download here Trouble shooting guide starts on page 27. There are several things it could be
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    Mira Zest No Water Flow

    Bu**er. You posted while I was typing. Glad you fixed it.
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    Mira Zest No Water Flow

    Ok. To clarify. With the shower isolator pull cord switch on, the neon in the pull cord switch illiuminates. When you turn the top control on the shower to any position but stop the water does not flow. Is that correct. When the top control on the shower is set to Low, Medium or...
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    Mira Zest No Water Flow

    Isolate the circuit at the CU and then open the pull cord switch. Have a look for burnt or loose cables. Seems like you may have a high resistance joint and that's the most likely place. It's not uncommon to find the switch or contacts burnt out.
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    How do I change a light bulb!

    If it doesn't have a retaining ring, then you need to twist the bulb anticlockwise. the lamp connector is fixed to the base of the can. Those fittings usually come with a rubber sucker to stick to the lamp to help you twist. They soon get lost. You need to press firmly but carefully on...
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    Insulation panel for storage heater

    Try Here
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    Flickering Light bulbs with new dimmers

    Most dimmers wont work below a minimum wattage. As most of your problems seem to be with the single lamp/dimmer set up I would look at that first. Put a 60W tungsten lamp in and see if it dims properly, if it does then you need to increase the load on the dimmer or find a dimmer that will...
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    Creda night storage heater not working - help !!

    I'll come if you pay the mileage, but I'm up in North Wales. Did you swop the fuse holders over just to check that the holder isn't faulty? I know you checked it with a continuity tester but it may be failing under load.
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    Creda night storage heater not working - help !!

    Did you check the fuses with a continuity tester? or just visual. Are they cartridge fuses or rewireables? Sometimes on cartridge fuse holders the spring contacts that hold the fuse get weak and dont grip it. If that's ok has anybody done any drilling or nailing anywhere that may have...
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    Creda night storage heater not working - help !!

    A tenner spent now on a fuse is better than £45.00 ish for a new thermostat if you dont need it. Have you been placing items on the unit to dry or to warm as that's a classic cause. I do loads in the holiday lets up here as people dont seem to bother if it's not their own. If you go to...
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    Creda night storage heater not working - help !!

    There is a thermal fuse in the top by the control knobs. To get at it make sure the heater is turned off, even if it is during the day. Pull off the two control knobs carefully or they will break. There are two or three screws holding the front cover on, they are right at the bottom of...
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    Sector CU's

    I've used these before and I agree they're cr*p. To get a 16mm earth in the bar, remove the screw completely and the cable will fit in the hole. But the screw will not go back in because there is an unthreaded bit on the end. You'll need to cut or grind this off so that the thread goes right...
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    Electric Shower Cold Only in Morning

    Are you really sure that you've got the shower you think you have? Just thinking outside the box, but it sounds to me like you've got a pumped shower and that in the mornings there's no hot water in the tank and in the evenings there is. Can you post the details from the shower data plate...
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    SWA Cable sizing

    The tabulated current rating is the maximum the cable can carry. Once you've factored in correction factors and volts drop this can be significantly reduced. I've just put 32A @ 100m into Cablecalc and it's coming up with 16.00mm 3 core. anything less won't meet the voltsdrop per metre limit.