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    fitting a cill on a new front door

    Hi, I am about to fit a new front composite panel front door but the cill has been delivered seperately to the rest of the door. How do I go about fixing the cill to the door? Do I fit the cill in first and then put the frame in with silicone in between or does the cill get screwed to the...
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    Rover 416 sli twin over head cam 16v 1.6l over heating

    Hi, If you haven't sorted the problem yet then this may help. Start the car up without the expansion cap on. If the coolant rises rapidly and overflows within seconds or before the engine get anywhere near hot then it is more than likely a head gasket problem. However if the coolant rises and...
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    Fitting a new UPVC door and frame.

    Thank you very much for your time. Daron.
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    Fitting a new UPVC door and frame.

    Thank you for that. Am I right in thinking that I can get hold of fixing screws that go directly into brick work or breeze blocks?
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    Fitting a new UPVC door and frame.

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the best material to use to fill the gap between the new UPVC door frame and the brickwork after fitment. There will only be approximately 2 - 5 mm gap each side. I would like to make as little mess as possible and be sure that it is well insulated. I have used...