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    Potterton Suprima - Short Cycling?

    Hello Everyone, Was hoping for some advice in terms of a potterton boiler that as soon as it has warmed up (after first turning on and running for 12-20minutes) starts to short cycle and fire every 5 minutes or so (for around 1-2minutes) The PCB was replaced a few years back and most recently...
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    e mail

    Its obvious that someone got a hold of your password, I'd change it as soon as possible, use Letters numbers and symbols if possible, this should rule out any attacks where people guess your password by trying random combinations. It could be possible that a computer you have used to access...
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    wallpaper - offset match???

    An offset match is where the right hand edge of the first strip only matches with the left hand edge of the next strip, when the second wallpaper is dropped by a specified distance.
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    e mail

    Could be that someone has gotten hold of your password and set up an auto reply, login to hotmail and then click options in the top right corner, and then click more options. This should open a new page, click send automated vacation replies, and make sure this is turned off. If this does not...
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    12V Downlighters Voltage Drop

    Aragon, there are only 8 lamps, and they are split into 2 x 4 parallel lamp runs, still I'm guessing 11.6A isn't particularly good for 2 x 1mm cable. I'll look at getting this swapped out asap, seems the guy who owned this place before me was a bit of a rubbish tinkerer, you wouldn't believe the...
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    12V Downlighters Voltage Drop

    What should I be looking for when trying to buy one of these "splitter units" is there a name for them ?
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    easiest way to get artex off?

    I have friends in the building trade who swear by this stuff for getting it off : You can always steam it off, but it is a slow and messy job compared to using the product above, there may be other similar products about, I've just heard...
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    12V Downlighters Voltage Drop

    I'd not thought of that Properleckie, I think I may end up going down this route, appears to make the most sense.
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    12V Downlighters Voltage Drop

    They are 35W lamps, sorry for any confusion !! Is there anything wrong with connecting up each lamp individually in a radial style, making sure every cable is the same length, surely this would make any voltage drop equal, admittedly it requires a bit more cable than paralleling.
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    12V Downlighters Voltage Drop

    So are you suggesting individual transformers ? I thought most people hated these things, I know in my old house they seemed to fail pretty frequently ?! To be honest with you I thought the cable was pretty think, what sort of cable to you recommend ?
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    12V Downlighters Voltage Drop

    Hey Guys, Having a few problems with voltage drop in my lounge, I don't have a particularly big lounge, I have 8 x 30W downlighters in there and a few are noticeably dimmer than the rest, I have ruled out old or knackered lamps by replacing them all with the same batch. It appears that...
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    You don't have to pay any more, you can just use it as soon as it comes out of the box. You can however pay extra to get a few more services, this is usually in the form of a yearly subscription these services include :- * Live Traffic * Speed Cameras * Points of Interest (Usually Free) * Extra...
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    Replacement BT Master Socket Cable

    Lovely cheers for the help, ordered some, will let you guys know how it goes !
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    Dewalt DCX5402 28V Li-ion Nano Combo Kit

    That's fair does, I'd be biting his hand off in that case !! Good find !!
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    Help to modify Driveway alarm

    Open it up and show us a few pictures of the interior, of the actual circuit board, should be able to see how it works. Might be a relatively easy project, if you invested in a couple of components, depends how the thing is put together and what it comprises of to be honest !!
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    Dewalt DCX5402 28V Li-ion Nano Combo Kit

    Thats pretty damned good to be honest with you, I've seen it kicking around at £600 but never that low, if its off the back of a truck, make sure you test it all out first, I've known a few people to be ripped off by similar scams !
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    XP machine waking itself from hibernate.

    You finding it comes out of hibernate around 3am ?
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    Dewalt DCX5402 28V Li-ion Nano Combo Kit

    What sort of price are you being offered, I must admit I do love the DeWalt stuff, most of the guys at work use them as their preferred tools, everything that I have had from them is the bees knees and is well built. Most of my stuff gets chucked around the back of the van and still works as...
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    Alarm System Recommendation

    I can vouch for the Premier 24, love the proximity tags, never used the COMIP module, currently have the Com2400 module set up to text me each time there is an alarm event. I must admit I'm probably quite similar to you when looking at products and looking at ways to integrate them. I know...
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    What Would You do?

    Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, but I never go for any of the extras, I know in many other businesses, that it is the extras that make all of the money, the only thing I would be tempted by in this case is the Servicing, but it really depends what it includes....