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    Advice on a cheap CCTV recorder

    Whats it going to be used for? What sort of value is it covering? What sort of risks are involved? Is it a small house, a large company, a bank, car, corner shop etc? What sort of coverage, all day or business hours only,or 24 hours? Is it a one off. or is it expected that at some...
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    honeywell galaxy g2-44

    Ask the person who fixed the faulty sensor last year to put the codes back to how they used to be. If you didnt pay him to lock the panel, what gave him the righ to lock it? He may (sensibly) argue its so you dont mess with it, but if you dont have a contract with him, he should not have...
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    dodgy engineer.Where do i stand ?

    Why not just cut the wire to the sounder, and wait for the battery to go dead? In fact why didnt he just fix the fault? If the fault was in the sounder itself then remove power and wait.... Any engineer wiring mains into a bell box that is rated at 12v should not be in the trade, they should...
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    do i need to register my cctv system

    If a system falls outside of the DPA, then you dont need a sign. No signs needed for residential only cctv... I would be wary if the cctv is covering any areas of the property that are used for business, do you store business property there? Are you protecting that also? Could open a can...
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    CCTV Problem

    Thats direct from NVT (on their website), and they know a thing or two about baluns...
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    CCTV Problem

    Unless your cable is really short you will need a balun at each end of the cat5 cable.
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    Going to buy CCTV this week wish I had last week

    Some DVRS can record 24/7 and on motion, they do this by letting you set a constant recording frame rate, and a motion detected frame rate. On some of my cams I set constant to 2 or 3 frames per second, so it will always get something recorded, and on motion, it jumps up to the max frame...
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    General Advice

    Some panels will sound a different sound if the fire input is activated (my accenta mercury did), some panels have outputs that can be used for fire (so can sound whatever you want....) such as the galaxies. To be honest, a internal panel speaker on its own would not suit me, I would also...
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    a bit of fun

    Him Can win an earthquake.
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    They are not a alarm system. Its just a PIR with a small camera and mic in it. The pir is wired as a normal PIR to a normal alarm system, and the camera / mic goes to your cctv recording setup. Or you wire the PIR to your cctv setup as well if it has inputs. You would be better of...
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    What is or was your favourite comic, Dandy or Beano?

    Oor Wullie, The Broons, Readers Digest (not really a comic, but loved reading it)
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    Suspected faulty/ broken detector

    Whatever the smoke start appearing from needs replacing. I doubt it was the screwdriver that started to go up in smoke, so more than likely it was something on the detector. I would have the detector replaced.
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    any help with wire-less alarms

    Last 999 I did after we were burgled they turned up in minutes, and managed to identify the people responsible within about half an hour. Later that day they raided the house of the people responsible, and my goods were recovered. Pretty impressive really. Repsonse times can vary...
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    Does part P go far enough?

    If there was a part p for cars, you would not be allowed to fit a car stereo, an alarm, or do any electric work at all. The car itself would probably be classed a special location (after all, its outside and exposed to the rain). There is the MOT, which is quite cheap, compared to how much it...
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    Messy wiring - Legal issues with selling the house

    The uk has effectively killed off home automation, and discouraged diy inventors, with Part P (also ce regs etc). It looks like part P was thrown together by someone who cant even wire a plug, its so messed up....
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    Does part P go far enough?

    Isnt it time the people responsible for part P showed some proof that it is doing what its meant to do - save lives / stop fires etc? Has the accident/fire/death rate due to electrical work in the home decreased due to part P now it is in effect? Personally I think part P is very ill...
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    Brilliant idea

    Its a good thing for a panel to alert the user if a service is missed, as if its one that is part of your insurance terms then a missed service could well mean they could get out of paying a claim... Plus missed services could lead to the unit failing when its needed, when some scumbag is...
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    power consumption

    Would the 12v lamps not end up using more electricity, as they would require a transformer, which will not be 100 percent efficient, so would waste electricity as 'heat' given off from the transformer, plus some wastage in the low voltage cabling (minute probably) as the voltage drop on a 12v...
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    Two DVRs

    Not used those, so no idea..
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    Two DVRs

    Cant see their being a problem, the video out if a normal composite video out is what the other dvr would expect to see from a camera so it should be fine.