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    low level toilet with waste into floor - replace with one closer to wall

    I want to replace my toilet which is an old toilet in a 1960s maisonette. Its a low level toilet with waste into floor. the waste is about 280mm from the wall in the centre. the floor is concrete and I live in a first floor maisonette so moving the clay waste pipe is probably a no go. If I have...
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    Install pipes at ceiling and feeding combi and rads from top

    Hi, I want to replace a warm air heating system and a separate water heater with a combi boiler and radiators in my flat. It has a parquet floor on a concrete subfloor so routing the pipes round the flat under the floor is out of the question. It would be easy enough to feed the pipes near...
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    Ideal Isar taking longer to heat up DHW

    Thanks for the advice. How would I know which cartridge to buy? On the ideal website it shows only one type but has a restriction underneath the description: DIVERTOR VALVE CARTRIDGE KIT - For use with H'Well VC6012 ('Grey Box' Div Head) only. I dont know what a H'Well VC6012 ('Grey...
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    Ideal Isar taking longer to heat up DHW

    Thanks for the advice. I don't know if this changes your advice but when the DHW is on to fill the kitchen sink the radiators start to get warm. I have a spare DHW plate heat exchanger that I can install (done this before, easy on this model).
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    Ideal Isar taking longer to heat up DHW

    Well, if I knew a decent engineer then I would always call him/her but how do you know who is decent without personal recommendations. I don't know anyone near me. Also, its difficult to find an engineer that will take on any job where I live. The last time my heating failed it was winter and I...
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    Ideal Isar taking longer to heat up DHW

    Hi, I have an Ideal Isar M30100 combi boiler (about 7 years old) and it always used to take about 10-20 seconds to heat the DHW up to scalding temperature. Now, it takes at least 10 minutes to heat the water up and even then its not as hot as it used to be. I have called Ideal and they...
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    Isar m30100 - intermittent performance

    2020JimboJones, did this work? I have the same problem. Intermittent DHW, when I turn on the hot water the pump and boiler fires up and the water initially gets hot but after a few seconds the boiler light goes off, the pump sounds like it switches off and the water goes cold. this is...