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    rads cold downstairs

    yes did the downstairs first ,pressure is 1 and a half bar and tried turning off upstairs rads ,but no change,is there anything else I could try .
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    rads cold downstairs

    hi ,I have just had my boiler fixed by Worcester bosh ,the engineer put in a cleaning agent and told me to leave it a week and drain system,when I drained down system and refilled all radiators upstairs are fine but the ones down stairs are all cold,have I got an airlock or could it be something...
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    worcester greenstar 24i junior problem

    hi ,the blue light comes on for 2 seconds goes slightly dim but not off for approx. 1 second then goes back to full blue light then goes off and repeats the sequence,hope this makes sense.
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    worcester greenstar 24i junior problem

    Hi the blue light is more on than off.
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    worcester greenstar 24i junior problem

    hi tony the blue light flashes light for 2 seconds goes dim then light and goes off again and then repeats ,hope this makes sense,
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    worcester greenstar 24i junior problem

    hi i have a Worcester greenstar 24i junior boiler ,cental heatiung working ok and the pressure on boiler is fine ,when I run hot water for a bath the water comes through hot for about 5 to 10 mins then shuts the boiler down and the reset and blue buttons start to flash,only does this when I run...
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    worcester 24i junior water too hot

    hi all,i have a Worcester 24i junior boiler,had no problems before with it ,but this week noticed the hot water was much more warmer than before, if I run the hot water the water is very hot and the boiler has to be reset yet if I only run the water at a trickle it does not cut out,the c\h is...
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    roof pitch

    hi all, i am going to building a new garden shed out of block and brick,i want to put a dual pitched roof on it ,the shed is within one meter of the boundry so the maximum height it can be is question is what pitch would the roof be ,the building is going to be 4mx4m and 2.2m at the eves,
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    garden building height

    hi all, i am going to build a new brick and block outbuilding/shed.could anyone tell me the max height i can build it, many thanks.
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    main supply cable

    hi all , my main electric supply cable comes into my home through the side of the front door,before i bought the house the main cable outside was updated and because the elec company could not gain access to connect into the main fuse,anyway my problem is that cable is when i changed my front...
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    gas jet sizes

    hi all, i have a grill that currently has jets with number 50 stamped on its running on natural gas ,i want to run it on propane can anyone tell me what size jets i need ,tried asking manufacture but it is an old grill they no longer make,its a moorwood vulcan 80G,any info would be great.
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    propane to gas

    hi all, i have a grill that i want to use outside in my garden ,the grill was run off mains gas ,can i convert the grill to run off a butain or propane bottle could anybody tell me what i would have to do to convert it. many thanks.
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    corsa wont start

    hi all got a problem with my girlfriends 2002 corsa 1.0,wont start turns over starts then cuts out,noticed that half the instrument panel wont light when you turn on ignition ,can anyone help thanks,
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    buildilg block shed

    hi want to build a block shed in my garden ,could anyone tell me if just using 4"blocks rendered on the outside would keep the damp out, many thanks,
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    corsa oil light

    hi all, my girlfriend has a 2001 corsa1.0 petrol,when the car is warmed up and idling the oil light comes on but if you put your foot on the accelerater and rev the engine it goes out it is like the engine is idling to slow.anybody knows why the oil light comes on and what needs to be done,many...
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    changing a room stat

    hi all, could anyone tell me how to change a room stat,i currently have a drayton rts8 combi stat and want to change it for a horstmann drt2,the drayton has 3 wires to it brown in L,grey in3 andblack in N,the drt2 has NO COM NC in it could anyone tell me which wires go where,the boiler is a...