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    converting from open to sealed sytem

    has it got overheat stat ?
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    gas supply pipe plasterboarded over

    no mate u cant run gas pipe behind plaster board horizontally,u can run it vertically,but it has to be done a specific way under regs,and definitly not covered in sand and cement :shock:
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    keston Celcius 25

    yes mate 12000 ohms,yes alot miss leak into condensate,i suppose its swings arounabouts, it took me a dayto fit two rads :shock: a bg guy may do that in an hour, one guy good at one thing another guy good at another.
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    keston Celcius 25

    put a container under neath the condensate pipe,whith heating off, over night, see if u get 1/2 litre or more of water in the container,if so the heat ex is pinn holed. overheating it could be one of the pump speed relay modules in the board. or the underfloor manifold is sticking. its rare...
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    just here to help,or be helped

    just here to help,or be helped
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    Central heating boiler pump running continuously

    ok i understand u want to save cash in these hard times, and that u left the boiler turned off ,untill checked. but i think he needs to know u fitted parts to it. a pcb is still a critical part of the safe running of a boiler flame rectification, ignition timing,lock out over heat,ect which it...
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    Central heating boiler pump running continuously

    i hope u will tell the engineer u have worked on it, and changed the pcb before he takes on the service.
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    automotive relay

    hi, please could some one help me locate were i can buy a replacement relay for a bmw 1992 2.5 i saloon,the relays for the elactric windows,its 5 spades or pinns blue/grey colour . 10820 halfords ,europarts,matalin, cant source one. thanks for any help.
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    Explosive Ignition

    yes i would change the potentiometer, :)
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    Explosive Ignition

    is the tempreture irratic,when moving dial,if so its the pot. is the dial fastened to the spindle corectly ,a screw holds it in check that there is a perameter setting buttons hidden below the fascia panel,below the dials,u need to ask keston to check this whith u there,the settings tell the...
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    locking wheel nut

    yes bmw splined nut, got it sorted now,30 squid at garage. thanks :)
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    locking wheel nut

    yes i am a pratt,for loosing key. any one know reasonable way of removing locking wheel nut,its bmw 1992 2,5 e. wheel not is splined ,any help much appreciated.
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    Powermax 155x - Heat Exchanger

    you cant freeze hot pipes , lol let it cool down 24hours time before freezing. if u got to descale,i would go for drain down,at least your in control,and dont flood the whole estate. :lol:
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    Powermax 155x - Heat Exchanger

    ok plate heat ex,big drain down,or pipe freeze
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    Powermax 155x - Heat Exchanger

    if u are rgi,post it in combustion chamber,as u said u wanted to remove heat ex
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    Powermax 155x - Heat Exchanger

    i would not touch this boiler unless u know exactly what u are doing. this model boiler has killed.are u rgi
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    Best Boiler?

    i would go for an ideal icos or keston c25. :)
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    biasi 24s no hw

    im sure it was a biasi ,iwent to ,and after much head scratching, i realised the control dials are anti clockwise for max heat. :oops:
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    KESTON C36 COMBI BOILER (water temp')

    by the way ,hello keston,