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    motorhome inverter

    Hello, Im after an inverter for my motorhome - 12v to 230v, does anyone have any recomendations, ie sine wave verses quai sine? which are the best brands on a budget (200 pounds) i will needs a max of 2000 watts, i will be running about 1500 watts Thanks
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    Programming sky remote for my new TV

    Hello, Can anyone help? Ive got a new TV its a LG 22LS4. I cant program my remote to work it, does anyone now the code i need? Also ive been told that i need a version 8 remote, to work the TV. Can anyone confirm this before i go and get one? Thanks
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    Because b and q own
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    Discovery Real Time

    Totally agree. Although they have just had a build month with an hour of this old house and an hour of New yankee workshop a day. But thats just ended and now its fishing month!!! And whats with the little people program????
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    knots showing through

    So i can apply the knotting solution straight onto the painted knots, then undercoat and gloss over as normal?
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    knots showing through

    Hello. Newly painted door frame. Frame was brand new. Used knotting solution, 2 coats under coat, 1 coat of satin. Now 4 months later knots starting to show just on one side of the jam. How can i solve this? Thanks
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    tidying garage electrics

    Yes i know. The cable is just providing power to the wall mounted CH thermostat, so would a 3amp fuse be the norm here? Thanks
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    tidying garage electrics

    Hello, im tidying up some electrical work in my garage and have a few questions. There is a cable coming from a socket which feeds a thermostat, I want to change this to a fused spur, would a 3amp fuse be used here?. Also to do this i would need to join the cable in an inaccessible space, is...
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    Ever heard of

    Although the link was for a news story on CBS?
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    Ever heard of

    ++++++++++++++ Moderator's note: Although opinions differ, it is probably better not to widen publication of this technique. Link deleted Mod Rupert ++++++++++++++
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    Trying to find Minwax Polyacrylic?

    Hello, Anyone know where i can get hold of Minwax Polyacrylic here in the UK? Thanks
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    North-South or East-West for beast lawn stipes?

    Hello, Just got a decent cylinder mower, and am wonder wether it would be best to go North-South or East-West for beast lawn stipes? Im thinking North-South because the sun travels from East-West but would love to hear other opinions! Joseph
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    Bathroom bonding?

    There is a short run of copper at the boiler then i beleive that the main runs are in plastic
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    Bathroom bonding?

    Thanks for the reply, the rad is part of a "wet" system
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    Bathroom bonding?

    Hello, If a metal towel radiator is fed by plastic pipes does it need bonding? Also if the taps are feed with those flexible plastic pipes do they need bonding? Thanks
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    Trying to find a new exhaust for my atco mower

    Er..... It's a pre 50's 14" cylinder standard with 2 stroke villiers engine! One from a newer model would fit though!
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    Trying to find a new exhaust for my atco mower

    Hello all, As the title says, searched online to no avail, can anyone help/know of any websites?
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    Connections for end of speaker flex

    Most decent speakers use banana plugs/sockets. Look here
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    Which router bit do i need

    Hello i will try to explain this the best i can. I want to round over my window board the same as the ones already in place. The boards are 25mm thick and have a nice semi circle on the front. Do i need a 1/2 inch round over bit with a ball bearing roller? Thanks
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    How sharpen cylinder mower blades?

    Hello All, Trying to service a old Qualcast mower which is 5000 times better quality than the new ones, any tips for sharpening the cylinder blades?