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    Loft flooring

    like the name prentice boy....LOL 260 here in scotland lol
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    Loft flooring

    I dont really know its just a standard mid terrace ex council house with a loft underneath 3 bedrooms that's all i know.
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    Loft flooring

    I am going to fit chipboard flooring in the loft to make a sort of hobby, chill room where I can carry out my Home Brew making. I want to know if the following would be a good idea or not. I live in an ex council mid terraced 3 bedroom house just outside Glasgow. I think they were built in...
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    Wooden/laminate flooring in kitchen

    Would that not mean that wooden plinths on base units woudl be under the level of floor?
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    Wooden/laminate flooring in kitchen

    Is the best option to completly floor evry inch of kitchen flooring before putting washing machine cooker fridge/freezer base units back down or what?. I have heard soem say this woudl be waste of money. Interested to see replies ty
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    I have built a wooden garden gate. I have 4 butt hinges can I use them? if so how many gate is 6 foot high. Or do I need to use long gate hinges. Anyone explain one way or other ty.
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    I have a dampness condensation problem. All me air vents above doors have been plastered over. Also my fireplace has been blocked up. Would installing plastic air vents above doors and firplace make a difference or not? MY nephew told me it wouldn't. Any advice be appreciated ty.
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    Dampness/Condensation Problems

    I have a very bad problem with dampness and condensation. My double glazed windows get really misty and water builds up on inside of them and then collects on window sills. Every time I put new sealant on it soon becomes covered in black mould. I was tempted to buy new double glazing as I think...
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    Whats best way to fit PVCU marble effect cladding around bath at shower area? I have just had my...

    Whats best way to fit PVCU marble effect cladding around bath at shower area? I have just had my bathroom wall replasterd so very flat and smooth...would applying it by adhesive be best? When in time i take it off will adhesive tear plaster off wall. I had a nightmare pulling olkd tiles off...