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    Devimat 550 Underfloor Heating Not Working

    Have followed the troubleshooting in the guides. Resistance values are 8.83 for sensor, 36 for mat. Seems to me that it is the controller which has failed, as thought.
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    Devimat 550 Underfloor Heating Not Working

    230v into Controller. Switched to manual, click of thermostate but no current out to element. Left for 24hrs and never any current. I don't have the installer values as it was installed before I moved in. However the controller doesn't show any error codes when operating. I can supply...
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    Devimat 550 Underfloor Heating Not Working

    Hi, My underfloor heating seems to have stopped working. Symbol to show it's below setpoint temperature comes on, however the mat doesn't heat up whether on manual or timer. It worked erratically last year and sometimes required the consumer unit switch turned on and off for it start heating...
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    Mains cold feed & positive feed hot

    Hi, Just installed a mixer shower which works with all hot water systems. Have installed a regulator valve on cold input into mixer to reduce flow, however hot water pressure is too low, so mains cold pressure over powers hot feed, so just a warm drizzle!!! Am looking at installing a 1.8bar...