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    MR16 housing for external roof soffit ?

    Hi! I have some low power 3-5w MR16 type 12v bulbs I want to use as part of a extension and I would like to fit them inside the White soffit under where the guttering is. I wondered if anybody here can recommend some housing units that are fairly small but will enclose the light bulb as it is...
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    Outside socket

    I'm currently in the process of having a extension on the rear of my house and we're at the stage where 1st fix electrics has been done (by the electrician) and the platerboard has gone up (so no more chance of running cables etc). My question is: I'd like to have an outside socket located on...
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    Pointing under hip tiles

    does anyone know if its standard practice to have the area under a hip tile pointed ?
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    DIY underfloor heating - 10mm microbore

    We're currently getting an extension built on the back of our house and the build is almost at the 1st fix stage (roof / windows going on in the next few weeks). The insulated floor still has approx 25mm of concrete to go onto the top and so there is enough room for the 10mm microbore pipes...
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    Roof pitch below spec of tiles - what to do extra?

    We're looking to build a single story extension to the rear of our house and the problem is we really dont want to use a flat roof but the pitch is about 16-17 degrees which is much lower than the 30 degrees that is recommended (and guaranteed) the tiles would work for. The tiles i would like...
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    u-value of 2.0W/m2k for tri-fold doors - good, ok or bad?

    Just spotted that these are reduced at the moment in B&Q and wondered if the U value of 2.0 is good, ok or bad for these kind of doors...
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    3 core armoured cable single phase - extending & colours

    I would like to extend an armoured cable I have running to a summer house to a shed i have in the garden and the existing cable was put in about 5-6 years ago and (i think) the colours are red yellow and blue. I just purchaed a new 3 core armoured cable (same thickness) but it has the new...
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    Wood for Garden Bench

    I have just inherited a very old cast iron bench and the wood on it needs to be replaced. Does anyone know what kind of wood is the best to use ? I wanted to do a really good job (its my dads old one) and so dont mind getting the best. Anyone know ? Thanks! Mark
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    Sealing off a hole in a header tank / water butt

    I have just managed to get an industrial size (600ltr) water butt for my allotment and it has a number of holes where the pipe fittings used to be fitted to - approx 1" in diameter. Can anyone recommend a method I could use to block these holes up so I can use it for water storage at the...
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    Upgrading / replacing shower extractor fan

    **UPDATE** Fixed it - just replaced the 2.2uF and 100uF electrolitic capacitors on the PCB and its working again. Thanks anyway!
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    Upgrading / replacing shower extractor fan

    Hmm - 12 months after fitting this extractor fan it has just packed in. The timer function on it no longer seems to work and when the fan is switched off it still remains on (i have to kill the power to the whole unit to reset and switch it off). I have checked the power to the unit and it...
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    Carpet/underlay on concrete screeded floor

    :BUMP: - Anyone any ideas ?
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    Carpet/underlay on concrete screeded floor

    We have just had a vestibule built on the front of our house and the final flooring level was done with a concrete self leveling floor compound around 7-8 weeks ago. It seems to have completely dried out now and I am wondering what the recommended next steps are as I would like to use...
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    Finish oak staircase without changing the colour - lacquer??

    Thanks - Do you have the actual name it says on the tin ? Where did you get it from ? (online?)
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    Finish oak staircase without changing the colour - lacquer??

    Richard Burbridge - My local B&Q store in chester has the full range.
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    Finish oak staircase without changing the colour - lacquer??

    I have just finished fitting an oak staircase and I would like to seal the wood without changing the colour. I have looked at normal varnish or wax and they seem to change the colour to a yellow / orange oak colour which isnt the colour we like. I have seen a couple of funiture shop finish...
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    Anyone know of a straight radiator valve with drain off??

    Are you sure they are straight locksheild valves ?? This is the only one I have managed to find but I just dont seem to be able to find a supplier: The 10mm supply pipes are now just poping...
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    Anyone know of a straight radiator valve with drain off??

    I have been doing some searching and the only one I can find (which is maybe a bit long and very difficult to find a supplier) is as follows: I am going to use it on a new bench radiator where...
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    Drill bit / dowel drill combined

    I looked around and these seemed to be a decent price and the size I was after: Thanks again ! Mark