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    Radiator size?

    Got a corrosive leak in a type11 / K1 single panel seamed radiator so need to get it replaced but having a mare finding a new one as it seems to be a non-standard size 460mm height x 1005mm wide or approx 18" high x 45+1/4" wide in English money. Measurements are from the edges of the seam...
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    Whirlpool drum bearing repair?

    Thanks Foxhole The model number is W100 (service 857086615050). I've looked online and can get a bearing kit for about £60 incl. vat + delivery (not trade price) seem to be the cheapest. When I've got time I'll take a look to see if there's any corrosion etc but will...
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    Whirlpool drum bearing repair?

    Hi I have an old Whirlpool washing machine. Not sure of the model but it's about 12 years old. I think the rear drum bearing has gone as it makes a loud squealing sound which increases/decreases in volume depending on the speed of the drum. Also, when you manually spin the drum you can...
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    Casement window adjustment?

    Hi Hope somebody can gives some advice. I have several double-glazed casement windows, metal frame, probably aluminium but can't be sure, that have a central large fixed pane and smaller full height windows to the left and right that open outwards. I'm not very familiar with windows and...
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    low voltage dimmer - what to get?

    I have just had 8 x Aurora fire protection low voltage downlights installed and I want to replace one of the the 2 gang 2 way rocker switches with a dimmer (matt chrome). 2 lights are on one gang and the other 6 are on the other gang on the switch. The lamps are MR16 50W (400W total) I'm a...