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    Help with hardwood door valuation

    Thanks very much for your advice - I've certainly learnt some great info here. So, if I was to advertise this door, do you think £80 would be unreasonable?
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    Help with hardwood door valuation

    I'm no expert on doors but I was told it is hardwood - it weighs about 30kg!
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    Help with hardwood door valuation

    Hello, Can someone help me value a stained glass hardwood front door? I recently replaced it with a UPVC one - I would have thought the glass itself would be worth some money. Any help will be appreciated, thanks. Here it is:
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    No hot water from shower - Salamandar RSP50

    Hello, About 3 years ago, I had an RSP50 fitted beside the hot water tank in the room next to my bathroom. It is fed hot water from the hot water tank and cold water is fed from the tank in the loft. For 3 years it's been running perfectly, but during the past couple of months, the hot...
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    Plasterboard on concrete blocks

    Hello! A few years ago, I had a garden shed built, made of concrete blocks and brick (only in the front). There is a damp-proof lining near the bottom. There are 3 air bricks. This building is single layer all around and I've not plasterboarded the inside; it's all bare. I...
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    Laying vinyl flooring

    Thanks for advice - that makes sense.
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    Laying vinyl flooring

    Hi, I plan to lay vinyl flooring in my bathroom, but I have 2 questions: 1) The vinyl is 4mm thick. The wall tiling is not done yet. Should I tile the walls and leave a 4mm gap to the floor, so I can slip the vinyl underneath - or - tile all the way down to the floor and then lay the vinyl...
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    Slates need replacing - advice?

    Hello, My roof requires around 4 slates (thin grey) to be replaced. I have noticed patches of daylight coming through in my attic, and I don't want the rain to create further damage. How much should I look to pay a roofer to do this job? And, is this something that a competent DIY person...
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    Mixer shower (Mira) and hot water temp

    Hello, I'm about to have a Mira Pace mixer shower fitted. Now, in its instructions, it says: Recommended Hot Supply: 60°C to 65°C. I have noticed that the dial at the bottom of my hot water cylinder is set to 50c. Stupid question I know, but does that mean I have to increase this dial to...
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    Mixer shower and equalising pressures - advice please?

    I wonder if someone could shed some light on this. I'm looking to purchase a Mira Pace mixer shower, but one of its requirements is, equal water pressure for both hot and cold water sources. My bath's hot water piped from a hot water tank, which is filled from a cold water tank in the...