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    Stop rain getting to washing?

    We recently bought a rotamate. It seems to work OK, but it doesn't seem to be too solidly put together.
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    Decking Posts, Joists and DPM Questions.

    Hi there, thanks a lot for your responses. That Ultimate Handyman website is very good, the pictures help a great deal. With regards to the concrete that I was intending to place my frame on. What is the advantage of removing it in order to use 6x2 joists when it is flat and solid and would...
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    Decking Posts, Joists and DPM Questions.

    Hi there I am about to embark on a decking project and I am a little confused on a few issues. The decking is going to run across the whole of the back of the house (7.7m) and extend out 4.8m on one side and 3.2 on the other. On one side there is a large concrete base that until...