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    Waste pipe diameters. Internal or external?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: true, very true
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    Waste pipe diameters. Internal or external?

    pipe sizes you'll need to ask for are 32mm, 40mm and 50mm, as far as the trap goes just get a basin trap 32mm normally a bottle trap for a basin but some use S traps, bottle traps are normally used as it will fit in the basin pedastal but for a vanity unit you might want to use S trap as they...
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    Replacing 0 rings on a sirrus ts1850 shower

    I've just checked and ( the shower doctor ) website has your shower details in exploded form, try there[/img]
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    vaillient boiler trouble ecomax613/2e

    you can just change the syncro motor in the valve head, easy to change and cheaper. isolate electrics and be safe, remove head cut 2 wires going to motor head close to the crimp fittings, remove fixing screw, strip wire and crimp on new motor.
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    central heating

    Whatever else you decide to do, restore the cylinder stat to 55/ 60 °C Absolutely do this NOW, this temp is not just for nice hot water it is also to do with killing Bacteria
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    Working out BTU's radiator size for a loft conversion try this website, will answer your questions, half way down home page on left of screen is a website for Rad sizing
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    Should new bath be put on a plinth?

    feet should be on a load strip to spread the weight, bath panel shuld allow for this.
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    Gas Pipe Calculation

    If your are allowed 11mtrs of 22mm pipe it doesnt matter where that pipe is so a short length of 22mm at the meter will be fine
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    Installing a gas cooker

    Simple answer to your question is NO he can't not legally anyway and i'm assuming as he's not an RGI then not safely either,
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    Would most plumbing supplies sell this or b&q maybe

    Furnco collers are sold at most places like Jewsons, merchants and good DIY sheds
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    electric shower/ fixed overhead

    how can you speed up the flow of water through an electric shower when the water is heated in the body of the shower and speed of flow is regulated by the shower, if you pump through water would not get hot
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    electric shower/ fixed overhead

    you can't pump direct off the mains if the pump pumps more than 12ltrs a minute, also you can't pump through an electric shower, If you have a gravity system then as said before buy a twin impeller shower pump, stuart turner or salamander, if just for the shower then 1.5 bar should be fine...
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    boiler not firing,return blocked???

    The fact that the engineer has been back out who fitted the boiler it's safe to assume the isolation valves are not closed unless he's a fu*$ing moron, the fact that he fitted a boiler i would guess he's not. and if they are closed god help anybody else he fits a boiler for
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    boiler not firing,return blocked???

    if the boiler was fitted only 3 weeks ago was the system power flushed or is all the pipe work new ?
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    Boiler Service - Amber Warning

    Depends, If the flue goes through floors or walls with joins and there are no inspection hatches to get to the flue, if this is the case then for now you will have to have a CO detector, after the end of next year it will become At Risk and turned off, if this is not the case and the flue is...
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    CH pipes making noise

    Very, Very unlikely,
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    noisy boiler - possible sludge problem

    could you be more specific on the noise it has been making ?
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    Replaced immersion heater element, lost water pressure...

    that particular make of gate valve always bloody brakes off so replace with a Pegler gate valve or as said before a full bore lever valve
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    Baxi bermuda back boiler

    Did you know Baxi Bermuda is now available as a condensing boiler so you could replace yours with the new model, condensate is pumped,
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    Unvented hot water system

    If nobody has been messing with stop cocks etc then it could be as simple as the line strainer blocked, if both hot and cold are affected then it sounds like you have a balanced supply so both are taken after the line strainer,PRV, etc this is correct installation praactice, as said before...