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    Washer and Bras!

    Jo the Big magnet shouldn't work most bra wire are well lodged when they depart there garment and work their way in to the recess between the inner and outer drums, but here's one to cheer you up!!!!!! What do you call a chinese woman who doesn't wear a Bra? Give Up? Too Hang Lo...
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    Recommended washing machine for unheated wash-house

    Go for a Miele W520 or something like it, will cost you a bit extra but they usually come with a guarantee offer (5 or 10 years). Use a cold feed only, as most rated 'A' washer sthese days do. It also has some of the best enamel finish out on the market as well. The Stainless steel is of a high...
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    hoover washer dryer hw160m noise

    The cost is main thing I'd be worried about, you might find that you can buy a new machine for what a hoover engineer would charge you, even with the parts free (under warranty). Check in your local press and see if you can get a local agent to give you a sensible fixed price for the repair, if...
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    hotpoint wm64

    Try putting the machine on for a couple of Boil washes should get rid of the nastiness.
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    Bosch WVT126S washer/Dryer

    Shelagh, the problem soons like the condensor bottle is blocked with fluff definitely an engineers job. If he's just cleaned the fan and not flushed the whole system chances are the lazy *******s has just moved the problem futher done the condensing system. It needs to be stripped from the top...
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    Wet dishes

    You don't heat water on the final cycle, the element comes on and generates a drying heat. You need to look at which programme your using to if it's an economy programme the dishwasher may not do the drying cycle at the end of the programme........ And One more thing ......... look on the...
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    Miele Dishwasher G646SC

    you pumps leaking, more than likely the frain pump you'll need a new one none serviceable
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    condenser or vented?

    Never ever ever ever buy a condensor dryer if you can fit a Conventionally vented one they take twice as long to dry and are less economical to run. If you can get a hose through the wall use the conventional. Edd
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    Zanussi / Indesit W143 s noisy b**ger

    Just because the drum turns doesn't mean the bearings are OK, and if you had something stuck in the drum this would be noisy all the time not just on the spin, unless you have play in the shaft, which would mean the bearings are going. How to check for play in a shaft....... put you hand on the...
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    Bosch Classix pump problem/access

    Access to any dish washer is usually through the bottom of the machine be it rear or front or underneath, get the machine out and trun it on it's roof then have a play. Remember turn the power of at the wall
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    Bosch Classix pump problem/access

    Don't touch the door
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    Smeg DF612SE

    It's Itallian for theres no water in the drum or the motor for the pump ain't turning check the water's turned on, failing that 'sale of goods act' the appliance is not of mechantable one please......or a refund but if you agree to an engineer coming out they will charge you if...
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    limited power

    You need an engineer mate!
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    hotpoint dishwasher dc27

    be careful your parts warranty is great but you can probably find a local engineer who repair the machine and supply the part for less than the call out check your local press and phone and check call out charges. :idea: PS when you checked the filters did you turn the water back on! you'd be...
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    pump problem

    Lets walk before we run, if the pressure switch still under the impression that the drum is full of water then it won't spin, you need to check the pressure pot to ensure it's clear and not blocked by a build up of 'silica perborate' will need to be removed and cleaned and the real good news is...
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    Bosch Dishwasher not emptying - Float?

    Whats the model of the machine.........lifting float??????? if it's only a pint of water i wouldn't panick as the bottom of dishwasher will normally retain a certain amount of water.
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    puddle of water under fridge

    If the puddle is under the fridge could be something simple like the drip tray, (referred to above) has a hose running of it down onto a collector which usually sits on top of the compressor, this then uses the heat of the compressor to evaporate it, the hose may no longer be pointing at the...
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    washing machine drain height

    This won't happen if you have an airbreak fitted, make sure that the manufacturer recommends a high pumping height before you go to any great lenghts most washers will pump up to 1.5m :twisted:
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    Washing Machine producing creased clothes

    Stephen creasing of clothes is generally caused by thermal shock, that is to say, cold water being brought on to warm clothes and warm/hot water being brought onto cold clothes. Thermal shock also appears when fabrics have been heated beyond the temperature that they have been designed to be...
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    I gotta fix the TV!!

    You need an elemented aerial or a long length of coax lead or just pop down the shop and buy a set top aerial for around £5-00