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    Help with Mould problem

    Thanks for that looks like a visit to the loft for me then As the loft insulation had been topped up i will have to look to see if it they had missed a bit
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    Fitted Nolte Wardrobes - Mould Best Practices to get rid?

    we had this problem when we moved into a new place a couple of years ago, we had tried cutting ventilation holes into the backing but not an option for you as yours are new and altering the fabric of the wardrobe would invalidate any guarentee you have. We tried the sachets and yes it did help...
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    Help with Mould problem

    Have recently moved to a bungalow which is approx 12 years old and it seems now we are entering the damp climate i have the appearance of mould appearing along the top of the wall in the bedroom & bathroom. All the windows do get condensation on them in the mornings to varying degrees but...